14 August – A Day to Remember

It was 13th August 1947 when this announcement was made, “This is All India Radio Lahore. Please, wait for the next call.” Fifteen minutes later, at 12 am on August 14, 1947, Mustafa Ali Hamdani made another announcement, “This is Radio Pakistan, APKO PAKISTAN MUBARAK HO.” Celebrations began. Muslims succeeded in creating a separate and sovereign Muslim-majority country in South East Asia. Although seven decades have passed, Pakistanis from all walks of life still celebrate Independence Day with renewed zeal and fervor. There might be a myriad of issues that divide the people of Pakistan, but when it comes to celebrating this day, the entire nation comes together to rejoice in the feeling of living in a free and independent state.

Like past years, as 14 August is approaching closer, one tends to see a wave of patriotism and love for the country. Every street and corner has been decorated with green lights and flags. Roadside stalls selling flags, badges, stickers have been set up in almost all cities of Pakistan. Children are ready to wear green and white clothes carrying flags and caps on 14 August. All the important and historical buildings have to be lit in green with the national flag hoisted on the top. An official ceremony will also be hosted at the capital city of Pakistan followed by a parade to celebrate this national Independence Day along with political officials visiting the tomb of Jinnah and Iqbal to pay tribute to our national heroes.

When it comes to such celebrations, Zaitoon always takes the lead. Maintaining the legacy, this year again Zaitoon organized a fun-filled ceremony at the site offices of Zaitoon City and New Lahore City on August 11, 2021. What was unique this time? On this special day, all employees came to the office wearing green and white dresses. Big flags were hanged on all sides of the office building. Employees of Zaitoon share their fondest memory of Independence Day of Pakistan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRJpGgwAPUY). Moreover, video shot and photo session were also arranged to capture these moments as forever memories.

Above and beyond, Main Boulevard of New Lahore City was also awesomely decorated: for example, printed Pakistan’s Flags were placed all along the boulevard. A rally was also arranged. Participants of the rally were, staff of Zaitoon, property dealers of New Lahore City and Zaitoon City, residents of New Lahore City and others eagerly participated. Patriotic songs were played and some employees of Zaitoon even started to dance with great joy. The ceremony was ended with cutting of customized cake topped with Pakistan flag. In short, Zaitoon made appreciable efforts to pay tribute to national heroes and make this day as memorable as possible. Green and White pigeons were also released in the sky as a symbol of freedom from the site of Zaitoon City.

Zaitoon believes that the efforts and sacrifices of forefathers must be regarded and remembered. Thank you Zaitoon to set the history to celebrate this day in a unique way. Long Live Pakistan!


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