4th Public Seminar on Lahore Master Plan 2050

Lahore holds a significant impotence for multiple reasons. It is the second-largest city in Pakistan in terms of population. It is the capital of the Punjab province. It is named as City of Gardens. It is known as Land of opportunities. Also, it is a cultural-cum-historical hub. Above and beyond, features like a vast network of within city roads, the number of trunk roads connecting it with other major cities of the province, Ravi River etc. made it a model metropolis of the province. Simply put, the significance and uniqueness of this city is matchless which can never be undermined. Sadly speaking, the current status of the city has not been given to it, which it actually deserves. Traffic congestion, smog, environmental pollutions, heaps of garbage, uncontrolled urbanization, are some factors which have faded the real beauty of Lahore. To cater to all these problems of the city, the development of a new master plan for Lahore is already underway.

Dar-ul-Hindsa from Lebanon – along with the assistance of different stakeholders and institutions from Pakistan – has been fully prepared to craft that Master Plan. One unique feature, which was unfortunately missed in previous master plans, is the active involvement of public; which is why it is hoping that this Master Plan will resolve Lahore’s issues in true meanings.

After conducing three public hearings, now, Metropolitan Wing of Lahore Development Authority is ready to organize another one in the Department of City and Regional Planning, UET Lahore; which is a birth place of many town planners of Pakistan. It will be conducted on 1st December, 2021 in Chemical Seminar Hall of UET Lahore. Those who cannot attend it in campus, can also participate through the live streaming via Facebook and Zoom in. Detailed of this seminar will also be shared on the official website of LDA.
Teachers, students, private organizations, and other stakeholders can openly participate in this seminar. Every resident of Lahore should mark the calendar and do participate in this informative seminar as new Master Plan is going to shape the growth pattern of Lahore for next thirty years.


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