5 Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Proper lighting in the kitchen can play a vital role when it comes to cooking, preparing, cleaning, and doing other activities. Lighting in general has an effect on mood but more so in the living spaces where you spend most of your time. Besides functionality, good lightning gives a fancy and appealing touch to your kitchen. It can even affect your mode and level of productivity. In short, one must pay due attention to the lighting of kitchen. Following five ideas will help you to Brighten up your kitchen:

  1. Allow natural light to come in the kitchen (Skylight)

No light can compete the charm and beauty of natural sun light. So, before considering artificial lighting, it is pertinent to consider first if natural lighting can be added to the whole equation. It also reduces your billing expense. Depending on how big your kitchen is, you may add more windows and to get in more skylight.

  1. Install lights under the cabinets

Installing light under the cabinets will bring plethora of colourful benefits you probably are not aware of. Number one, under cabinet lightning ensure high energy savings – especially when you elect to install LED lights. Number two, these lights will produce less shadows because you are not standing between the light, there are very few shadows that you will have to deal with. Otherwise, shadows may impede your ability to cook. Above and beyond, under cabinet light fixtures can also be easy on your budget because you can install them yourself, and there are so many different varieties to choose from. Therefore, installing lights under the cabinets is a win-win situation.

  1. Don’t rely on a single, ceiling fixture to light your whole kitchen

A single light has to be so bright that it causes glare. Additionally, it doesn’t help you when you’re working at the sink or counter and that ceiling light is behind you. Opposite to that, if you choose ceiling fixture, it will light your whole kitchen while making it more beautiful-cum-bright. Therefore, it is always preferable to put multiple lights rather than relying on single.

  1. Open Shelf Lighting

Opting for an open shelf concept in your kitchen can create a stunning visual for your kitchen design. If your kitchen has open shelves, add LED strip lights to the back or underneath the shelves. Along with illuminating your kitchen, it will also create light to highlight objects on the shelves.

  1. Add a ceiling fan with a built-in light fixture

Running the fan will help circulate stale air and cooking odors. Plus, it will keep the cook cool; ceiling fans move air around so anyone in the room will feel more comfortable. Along with aforementioned pros, if you choose a ceiling fan with a built-in light fixture, it will also help to brighten your kitchen. So, you can get two things – air and light – by adding one feature into your kitchen.

Hope so, these fascinating ideas will be a great assistance for you to light up your kitchen.


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