A Commercial Avenue by Zaitoon

As a general rule, residential spaces are accompanied with commercial spaces. This is what makes living convenient for people since they can get the everyday use activities done. No residential spaces are complete without ample provision of commercial spaces. Developers over the years have devised their own formulas for percentage division of land for different use and at time the land use percentages are defined by the governing authorities. Have you ever wondered, why is it so? Why the importance of the commercial area in any housing scheme cannot be undermined? What will be the adverse impacts of not providing commercial area? The answer to all these questions can be summed up in one sentence; “Commercial area is the backbone of every residential community”
Along with fulfilling basic necessities of residents, commercial areas are also a source of income for many. They also provide investment havens for a lot of people. Without allocating enough space for commercial activities, no residential space can become ‘self-sustained’. Keeping all these aspects in mind, the management of ZAITOON has allocated enough well-planned land for commercial activities. This is the ZAITOON Commercial Avenue in New Lahore City.
Commercial Avenue
ZAITOON Commercial Avenue is a beautiful, luxurious, and prestigious commercial hub of Lahore. This project is home to patented gold-class cinemas, glamorous speciality retail outlets, premium cafes, and every basic necessity. The facilities at ZAITOON Commercial Avenue will be designed in a way to enhance the business environment, with great attention to detail such as well-organised parking and state-of-the-art security & Maintenance System. These things will ensure the comfort of residents with the provision of complete access to every basic amenity.
ZAITOON firmly believes that in the near future, ZAITOON Commercial Avenue will become a tourist destination across Pakistan since they are bringing in a lot of tourist attractions as well. People will not only come to shop, but they will also visit Commercial Avenue to have fun with friends and families. It will be a jewel in the crown of ZAITOON where you can work, play, dine and shop. For all fun and shopping lovers, ZAITOON Commercial Avenue will be the desired destination.


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