Avoid Buying a Home with a Bad Layout Design

Purchasing a home is a lifetime decision. You may have the look of a new home in your mind even before the time of purchase. You may think that; it will have a large staircase, a beautiful kitchen, a balcony and anything else. Undoubtedly, such thinking in mind sounds attractive. But, many home buyers, particularly the first-time home buyers commit mistakes at the time of purchasing a home. A home with a Bad Layout may hinder your lifestyle due to unnecessary repairing requirements.

When they are supposed to purchase a new home, in first look, they may find that the layout is perfect. As they spend some time, they feel that something is not according to their desire or the house is fancy but not practically suited to their way of living. In this situation bad layout is to be blamed, rather an impractical layout without suiting the lifestyle of the family.

Moreover, for most, buying a home might be one of the biggest financial decision that one will ever have to make in their life. So, one should be wise enough to look carefully at the layout of a home and other layouts as well keeping in mind their daily life requirements. Here are a few tips that can save you from common mistakes while buying a home;


  • Location of Dining room:

Let’s talk about the location where you and your family eat, the dining room. It may feel good when you cross dining room while going into a kitchen, bedroom and any other family room. Logically speaking this layout must be avoided.

The point is that, your dining room should not be located in the center of your home. It will disturb you, while eating also you will not be able to entertain guests in privacy. Consider following things before considering dining room locality; 

  • Your dining room and kitchen are on the same floor
  • The dining room is always located near the kitchen. It will make easy for you to serve food
  • The entrance door of the home and the dining room are not facing each other. It will disturb you while eating, whenever someone enters 
  • Do not attach any washing area or bathroom with dinning place, it will irritate you
  • You can keep your refrigerator at the corner of the dining area


  • Consider the position of bedrooms:

Avoid to connect the bedrooms by one entrance. It will disturb your privacy, in case, you are living in a joint family. For example, it will give a bad feeling when you would have to go to one bedroom after passing from another. Moreover, such kind of floor plans are not attractive and give a feeling of being constrained. In addition to this, your bed facing the bathroom door will also create a sense of irritation, so consider it.


  • Avoid Over Excitement: 

When you are going to buy a home do not get over excited. As it is a huge investment, so, make sure that you are considering everything precisely and wisely while to look for an ideal home. Over excitement will make you ignoring some important things. For example, your eyes may stuck in the attractiveness of home, and you will not consider the safety aspect. Such as home stairs without railings and glass products which are looking gorgeous but are very risky for your kids. So, consider the safety in first priority in full of your senses.


  • Location of home:

Consider the location very seriously, as you can change the infrastructure but cannot change the location of your home. So, locality is one of the most crucial thing to check before buying a home.  Sometimes it happens to homebuyers they will get excited to see the beauty of new home, and ignore the location. Keep this thing in mind and then buy a home.


  • Consider Everything Precisely: 

If something is attractive from outside, it does not mean that it is equally attractive from the inside. Similar is in the case for new buying homes. Most of the infrastructure is hidden, but very important to be considered. For instance, gas pipes and drainage pipes are hidden. And when you ignore it, cost for their repair may cause financial troubles for you in future. So, either you are moving in a new home or buy an old home, make sure that you are not ignoring the existing (hidden) infrastructure.


  • Take the suggestions of family members: 

You will not live alone in the home. So, don’t make the mistake of making decision yourself. Bring your family along with you before finalizing any decision. It will also help you to see the reaction of your parents, siblings, wife and kids. No doubt, being the sole decision maker is good thing, but it will backfire sometimes. Instead of this, consider the suggestion of your family members in order to choose the ideal home for you all. 

To put in a nut shell, buying a home is not a small task. And if you are buying for the first time, ensure that which floor plan would suit you according to your requirements.



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