Benefits of Getting Vaccinated

According to the South China Morning Post, a 55-year-old individual from Hubei province in China may have been the first person who have tested positive for COVID-19. Within just two years, this virus has been spread on every continent except Antarctica, Live Science reported. Today, people are fearful. Nobody knows when this deadly virus will be vanished completely. It is true that there is an uncertainty when this virus will end, however every cloud has a silver lining. Studies reveal that it’s much easier to prevent the virus rather than treating it.

What can be precaution measures that everybody must opt to get rid or at least stay away from this virus? Measures may include: wear a mask, use sanitizers, stay at home, avoiding unnecessary gatherings, so on and so forth. Among others, one of the best measure is to get vaccinated. With the emergence of covid-19 vaccine, there has been a ray of hope for the world to decrease the chances of getting infected. If vaccination can protect from this virus, then why not to get vaccinated. If you have already gotten your vaccine, good job. For those who are not vaccinated yet, listed benefits of getting vaccinated will encourage them to do it as soon as possible:

Benefit Number One: The covid-19 vaccine is totally safe

Extensive studies have shown that the vaccine is completely safe since it has been prepared using the scientific methods that has been around for decades. It is not experimental as it has been authenticated after going through multiple experimental and testing phases. Extensive monitoring and clinical trials have proven this vaccine to be completely safe. So, go for that with no worries.

Benefit Number Two: The vaccine is proven to be very effective

The vaccine has been proven to be effective against the virus.  It minimizes your chances of getting infected once you are fully vaccinated. Even if you catch the virus, the vaccine will help you fight it. It reduces your chances of getting severely ill or being hospitalized. It decreases the chances of spreading the virus through you or anyone who has been vaccinated. To cut short, you should get vaccinated now.

Benefit Number Three: It can keep you safe from health problems

It can help you avoiding getting long term health problems that arise even after you have recovered from the corona virus. Corona virus is a serious disease that might lead you to have some health problems like breathing issues that are fatal. Getting a vaccine can reduce your chances of getting ill than just wearing masks and following social distancing.

Benefit Number three: The vaccine can build a safer space around you

A person is said to be fully vaccinated after two weeks of getting the required two doses of vaccine. Once everyone at your workplace, in your home and society is vaccinated, you can help create a safe environment for your kids, elders and specially the babies to be born soon.

Benefit Number Four: Once fully vaccinated, you are a free bird

You can rejoin your workplace if you are vaccinated because it lessens your chances of getting infected or spreading the virus. You no longer need to avoid the small scale events happening around you. You can enjoy family gatherings and travelling to nearby places provided you follow the protocols.

Benefit Number Five: Better immunity for lifetime

After you are fully vaccinated, you will have a better immunity for the rest of your life. Community immunity aims at vaccinating the majority so the virus can no longer be spread. It also helps those who cannot get the vaccine, for example new born babies or the elderly people who have weak immune systems.

Benefit Number Six: Long term health protection

Once you are fully vaccinated, you develop a strong immunity against the virus. Getting the vaccination is the only way to avoid the virus as much as possible. Since the after effects of the corona virus are unknown, the vaccination helps you avoid those health related issues.

So, let’s not wait and get our vaccination done to build a safer world for yourself and the generations to come!


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