Best places to buy furniture in Lahore

Lahore is known as the city of Gardens. It houses some of the biggest markets for any industry. Lahore is a multi-dimensional market place, booming businesses range from physical stores to online shops, there are plenty of options from where you can get what you want. We here however are going to focus on Lahore’s furniture market ranging from beds to cabinets, chairs to desks of all sizes, colours, and designs. The following blog will help you to identify some of the best places where you can buy home furniture in Lahore.

MJ Furniture

MJ Furniture provides the best service in the town. Having a huge inventory of designs for all kinds of furniture, the provider maintains a reputation for premium-quality furniture. With help of their collection of contemporary and traditional designs, you can find sofas for casual and formal use, armchairs, dining tables, bedside tables, bed sets, and shelves. They have an available variety that is unique in design, shape, colour, and comfort. With abundant variety, they ensure that the selected design and colours match the overall theme of the area where it is placed and meets the standards of comfort you imagine. They are located in Shadwell Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.


Interwood has been in the furniture industry for over 40 years and has a state-of-the-art production facility. Maintaining high standards of quality, Interwood offers a wide range of home furniture for bedrooms (adults and kids both), living rooms, drawing rooms and dining rooms offering premium-quality furniture. Visionary mindset behind the success of Interwood has enabled the brand to realize the needs and demand of modern households in terms of design, comfort and usability. This is the reason they even have sub-categories consisting of ample design ideas their customers can select from. Buying furniture online has not yet been in trend and people still like to visit physical shops. However, Interwood maintains an active online presence and trusted by many where you can explore different categories for residential furniture. Head office of Interwood is located at 56 Sultan Mehmood Road, Shalimar Town, Mehmood Booti, Lahore.


Tarkhan provides a wide variety of furniture to choose from. From exemplary wooden beds to present day acrylic tables, this Organisation has it all. It ships furniture everywhere throughout the country and deliver your order speedily. An exceptional service provided by Tarkhan is that they provide free delivery all over Lahore.


They offer an extensive variety of trendy, present day, and rich furniture accessible. You will discover entire accumulations and singular pieces of furniture there. Wood-creations even has doors in various styles. The most stellar feature of this organization is that if you like a specific door, the organization will send an agent to your home to take the proper estimations and fix the door effectively. For other items on the site, you simply need to pick the piece you need and it will be transported to your doorstep. Wood-creations has number of branches in Lahore; you may search on Google and go to that one which is nearby to you.


InDesign proud itself for providing trendy, design led, and elegant furniture at an affordable price. The brand offers furniture that spans across many styles – created, styled and inspired from trends across the globe. They aim to launch product range that is different from the norm that in turn leads styles and fashions before other companies try to replicate. The management of InDesign ventures that design is the part of its DNA. You must visit them when you head to find the best furniture in Lahore.

Hayat Galleria

Hayat Galleria proud it to present the styles which clients love the most-from transitional pieces that promise timeless beauty, or the very latest in contemporary styles. The manage commits to provide bed, cabinet, chairs, drinks bar cabinet, interior decorations, music product, side boards, table set, sofa set, trolley, and so on. Hayat truly offers every style of furniture from antique reproductions, classic, period, traditional furniture, to stylish and edgy contemporary. Interestingly, the management also makes exceptional leather sofas, chairs, hunting and campaign furniture. You must make a visit when you’ll be decided to buy the furniture.

These are some exclusive outlets to get good furniture from. However, this is a buyer’s market and furniture availability ranges from second hand used furniture (which has multiple outlets), to economy furniture to exclusive customized furniture. One can choose as per their pocket size and preferences. So, if you have a 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 40 Marla house/villa, Apartment, terrace home or any residential space in Lahore City or you have a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Marla commercial space or a rented or owned commercial space of any square footage, you can get the best furniture as per your requirements in Lahore. Hopefully, this write up will assist you to easily find the best localities to buy furniture. Stay happy, stay safe.


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