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The Price of Adding a Gym to your House

Health is real wealth. Good health is the first requisite of happiness. A man without health is like a river without water. Most people wish to stay fit and healthy but the problem is that they all don’t have time to head towards a gym daily and it is sometimes not tempting. The best solution […]

ZAITOON Sports Club

True, Health is wealth. Organizing games is a key tool for good health. To ensure a healthy lifestyle regular physical activities, Sports, jogging, running, are pre-requisites. There are plenty of positive effects of engaging in these activities. For instance, these activities play a vital role to reduce body fat or control your body weight. More than that, sports can […]

Learn to Live Organic Lifestyle; 5 Easy Ways

What does an organic lifestyle essentially mean? Why are people shifting towards an organic lifestyle? What benefits does it offer? Although majority of people wrongly assume that an organic lifestyle is something which is only related to food but this isn’t the only aspect of organic living. Just to let the idea germinate in your [...]

ZAITOON Garden Glow

Health, beauty, and convenience are three major aspects to make any place lively and worth the money. If the said aspects are being considered while developing any housing society then satisfaction of the residents is guaranteed. Unfortunately, only a few developers keep these aspects in mind as most of them are just limited to their [...]

5 Effective Ways to Build Influence in the Organization

In October 1, 1998, a book was published by Dale Carnegie. Its title was “How to Win Friends & Influence People.” Initial 5000 copies had been sold quickly. Today, this book had its unique mark in publishing history. It is recognized as one of the best-selling book. Why is it so? What does make this [...]

ZAITOON Adventure Park

Everyone wants to feel like a kid sometimes and have fun freely. One wants to lose touch of reality and forget about the troubles and just have fun. One option to do that is to visit an adventure park. An adventure park is a place that has variety of elements giving one an adrenaline rush. [...]

10 tips to manage your time effectively

Time is money. It waits for nobody. Your whole life revolves around it. Once you loss it, you will never find it again. Everyone must understand its significance, because it is better to respect it instead of regretting over it afterwards. Why is it important to manage your time effectively? What are time management tools? How […]

ZAITOON Summer Surprise

This is 2020; a year of COVID -19. Everyone is worried with the disease and the fallout it is having in multiple spheres of everyday life. Finding positivity in the darkness is what what ZAITOON has always been good at, keeping up with the tradition the management of ZAITOON New Lahore City is leading the […]

Bumper Lucky Draw 2020

Trust in the real estate industry specially land developers is gained through commitment, promise fulfillment, and timely delivery. Although there are more than a hundred developers in Lahore, the dark secret is that only a few developers deliver what they promise. Many times one finds discrepancies between the tall claims and on-ground delivery of private […]

Construction Industry Package given by The Government of Pakistan

True, the road to success is always under construction. Construction industry is one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP. It plays a vital role in providing employment opportunities. Statistically speaking, seven percent of the Pakistani workforce is directly employed in this sector. Moreover, as per the economic survey of Pakistan the construction industry […]