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Ecotourism and its importance for Pakistan

According to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), ecotourism can be defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” To put simple, ecotourism is an environmentally-friendly way of promoting tourist activities in the country. As the world has been adversely impacted […]

Precautions for Choosing a Residential Plot

Be it an investment or a genuine purchase, buyers are always very choosy about the plot they would like to buy. Many of us perhaps already know what sort of plots are good for investment as well as to build homes, and which ones aren’t. There are, however, people – mostly genuine buyers looking for […]

Significance of Open spaces for Cities

Open spaces play a vital role for busy metropolitan cities. These are healthy spaces that are essential to counter the problems of rapid urbanization and to sustain natural ecosystems and biodiversity. In housing societies as well, there is a requirement for creating green spaces. Open spaces fall under the direct supervision of development authorities and […]

5 Questions to be Asked Before Choosing an Architect

Designing and building a new home, or even remodeling, is a daunting task. Your home’s design can determine your comfort and convenience. Whether your budget is limited or not, money is dear to everyone. You definitely want value against every penny spent. Hiring an architect is not a requirement, but it surely has benefits. A […]

Women Safety App: A Step in the Right Direction

The Punjab Police have launched ‘Women Safety App’ that allows women to contact the police, without making any calls. All women have been urged to download the app, to be in constant contact with the police when needed. This app is especially important at a time when the government is making steady progress in introducing […]

Digital Pakistan: Check your Family Tree by NADRA

Digital Pakistan is the aim of incumbent government. Current premier of Pakistan is seriously focusing on the use of technology and making departments and authorities digitally inclusive. Proof of that can be seen in different initiatives of NADRA to record the data of foreigners and register them in the system if they plan to stay […]

Home Construction and Labour Cost in Pakistan

The process of building a house is complicated. Why is it so? It is because the whole process requires the involvement of a lot of professionals whose expertise determine how homey you will find your brand-new place. To discuss the entire process of home construction, it is needed to spot a light on so many […]

Defence Day – Our Pride

6th of September is celebrated each year as the Defence Day of Pakistan. This day is celebrated to commemorate the memory of Pakistan’s successful defence against a hostile neighbour which waged war against Pakistan. On September 6, 1965, Indian army crossed the international borders of Pakistan without a formal declaration of War and launched a three-pronged offensive […]

Congratulation Everyone; Butt Karhai is now opening up in New Lahore City

In the real estate market, Zaitoon has made its unique identity. This identity took time, effort, commitment, and fulfillment of promises. Throughout the existence, Zaitoon’s management has left no stone unturned to facilitate its investors, customers, and residents. The group has a history in real estate market of Pakistan by providing residential and commercial plots […]

Renovate or Rebuild – What to do?

Buying or living in an old house has a number of downsides. While you may easily make changes to some of the exterior and interior elements, such as getting a paint job or replacing the main gate, if there is a major structural change, like adding a room or increasing the height of the ceilings […]