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Well Done ZAITOON for Organizing; JULY FOR KIDS

Having fun in critical times is difficult. Year 2020 has been a tense year so far due to the pandemic. People’s activities have been curbed and they are bound to stay at home. Regular meet-ups at restaurants have been limited to gossips on phone calls. No hand-shake, wearing a mask, use sanitizers, don’t hug, follow […]

Importance of Facility Management; ZAITOON’s ROLE

Throughout the existence of ZAITOON, the management strives to provide the best quality services to its customers. This is the reason why all customers of all projects of ZAITOON are extremely satisfied with their investment, especially customers of New Lahore City. ZAITOON is one of those master developers who do not brush aside customer concerns […]

Green Living – A step towards sustainable future

It is no secret that human activities are majorly responsible for the unprecedented climate change that our planet has experienced over the years. Even though significant damage has already been done, it’s still not too late to revert the damage. One way you can make a difference on an individual level is by adopting green living […]

5 Best Ways for Arranging Furniture in a Room

Suppose, you have two rooms of equal sizes in one house and you need to arrange similar furniture – same quantity and quality – in both rooms. There are two ways for arranging this furniture. First, arrange it in a random manner, and second, arrange it with proper planning. What do you think? Which room […]


Playing and sharing allows kids to use their creativity while developing their imagination, cognitive, and emotional strength side by side making them learn responsible social behaviors. It is pertinent for a healthy brain development of kids. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, unfortunately, Kids have been bound to stay at indoors at home. ZAITOON believes that children must engage in healthy activities at a […]


As a general rule, residential spaces are accompanied with commercial spaces. This is what makes living convenient for people since they can get the everyday use activities done. No residential spaces are complete without ample provision of commercial spaces. Developers over the years have devised their own formulas for percentage division of land for different […]

The Price of Adding a Gym to your House

Health is real wealth. Good health is the first requisite of happiness. A man without health is like a river without water. Most people wish to stay fit and healthy but the problem is that they all don’t have time to head towards a gym daily and it is sometimes not tempting. The best solution […]

ZAITOON Sports Club

True, Health is wealth. Organizing games is a key tool for good health. To ensure a healthy lifestyle regular physical activities, Sports, jogging, running, are pre-requisites. There are plenty of positive effects of engaging in these activities. For instance, these activities play a vital role to reduce body fat or control your body weight. More than that, sports can […]

Learn to Live Organic Lifestyle; 5 Easy Ways

What does an organic lifestyle essentially mean? Why are people shifting towards an organic lifestyle? What benefits does it offer? Although majority of people wrongly assume that an organic lifestyle is something which is only related to food but this isn’t the only aspect of organic living. Just to let the idea germinate in your [...]

ZAITOON Garden Glow

Health, beauty, and convenience are three major aspects to make any place lively and worth the money. If the said aspects are being considered while developing any housing society then satisfaction of the residents is guaranteed. Unfortunately, only a few developers keep these aspects in mind as most of them are just limited to their [...]