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ZAITOON New Lahore City – Your Dream Place to Live

A residential area is a piece of land with Residential areas and housing. Most of the population of any country lives in a residential area. A person is likely to spend life savings in acquiring a house in a good residential community, with plenty of barren land to spare, the government of Pakistan has failed to fill […]

Current Real Estate Market Condition

Investment in the real estate sector is considered among the top investment options. If you come up with a thought that you will invest to make good profit, then this sector demands few things from you. First, you have to be very patience. As, investment may take very long time to return you the profit. […]

Housing Shortage in Pakistan

Strengths and weaknesses of Pakistan? How powerful is Pakistan? Simple, Pakistan’s power can be rightly identified by looking its superior irrigation system, strategic location, plenty of fertile Land, untapped tourism potential, four weathers, tradition of agriculture, rapid advancement in ease of doing business, human resource and defense position. Although presence of mentioned resources are quite […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Lahore

“LAHORE LAHORE AY” is the phrase you may have listened many times. This is rightly said, as this city is not only famous for historical backdrop, but it has also been recognized for popular restaurants and special food items. Lahoris’ love for food can never be melted down. They prefer to go to restaurants on […]

Launch of Kartarpur Corridor – A hope for Peace

PUNJAB - a land of Intellectuals, religions and Cultural heritage Punjab, a land of five rivers, proud itself for cultural heritage, exuberant festivals and lively hearts people. The creative land of Punjab mushroomed many religions and political movements. It gave birth to several intellectuals i.e. Baba Fareed, Shah Hussain, Bulleh Shah, Warris Shah, Sultan Bahu, [...]

SMOG– a threat to life

The word smog is come from the combination of two words “Smoke and Fog.” It means the presence of tiny Air pollutants in the air. SMOG has been produced by the reaction of nitrogen oxides (generated by motorized vehicles, coal power plants and industries) with volatile organic compounds in the presence of sun light. Why [...]

Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Royal Enclave

Transparency, timely delivery, fulfillment of commitments and excellent customer care are four basic principles to evaluate the performance of any real estate project. If procedures are clear, management is committed to fulfill its promises and delivery of product is on time, then, there is nothing left to delay, Go, Buy and make profit. Whenever it [...]

Common moving nightmares

Moving from one place to another can be very stressful and burdensome. When you move, unforeseen problems may occur at any stage of the relocating process, but here are most common moving nightmares that you might encounter.    Effort taking task: There is no secret that, assembling, packing and moving of luggage is a troublesome […]

How to modernize your home?

Architecture and home styling is a continuously evolving mechanism. It has varied from every era and as daily life needs evolve home designs also change. However, one activity that happens most of the time is that homes are renovated to make them appear as more modern to make them appear more appealing. In the process, […]

Cornerstone School – ZAITOON New Lahore City Campus “Admissions are open now”

Education is one of the basic needs to move ahead in modern day life. It gives you the power to know the world around you and it gives you the capability to think which makes you progress. It helps to build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Those Nations who have […]