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New Year Cheers!!!

Every new year marks a new beginning. You can celebrate the beginning by setting goals for yourself, making resolutions for self-improvement, and spending time with your family. Every individual and every organization is unique in its ways to start with a new beginning. Zaitoon has a unique style for everything. How has Zaitoon decided to [...]

Grand Lucky Draw and Musical Concert in action

Zaitoon thinks “when you smile, you look better.” Having this mindset, the management keeps arranging excited activities including back-to-back lucky draws, funfairs, musical concerts, and so on. To continue the legacy, Zaitoon organised another event on January 3rd 2020: “Grand Lucky Draw and Musical Concert”. What was this lucky draw? That lucky draw was arranged [...]

Important Announcements in the Real Estate Sector

In April 2020, the government announced a construction package, allowing people to invest in the real estate sector. According to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the fixed tax scheme was applicable to builders and developers, who registered their projects with it. On Thursday, Premier Imran Khan, while fulfilling a major demand of the construction [...]

Welcome December – ZAITOON’s lucky draw

This December is not as lively as it used to be every year. The pandemic has spread fear everywhere. When it has become difficult to keep smiling in this critical timeframe, ZAITOON is still struggling hard to become a reason of smiles on others’ faces. What is ZAITOON doing this time? After the success of [...]

Grand Lucky Draw and Musical Concert

True, where words fail music speaks. Music to ears is like a soul to life. Lahoris are ever ready for such celebrations, and to entertain Lahoris, ZAITOON keeps arranging such activities regularly. This time, the management has planned to organize a fun filled Musical Concert along with a Grand Lucky Draw. What kind of lucky [...]

Ride your Pride: ZAITOON’s Lucky Draw

ZAITOON thinks differently. Unlike other developers, ZAITOON’s management has not limited itself to make money but to ensure providing quality lifestyle, stellar infrastructure development, and the best return on investment. So far, the management facilitated customers by arranging back-to-back fun-filled events and entertaining activities. Knowing that riding a bike is an activity everyone loves, ZAITOON [...]

Zaitoon City – Life Celebrated Daily

There was a time when everybody wanted to live close to the city. However, this mindset has changed over time because distances have melted down due to strong road connectivity. Now, people prefer a comfortable environment paired with modern amenities and affordable prices even if it will be located at some distance from the city [...]

Zaitoon City: Life Celebrated Daily

ZAITOON is a reputable developer with over three decades of experience in delivering high-quality commercial and residential developments in time rather before time in most cases. Since then it has accomplished unprecedented glory and growth in real estate sector. Especially after laying down the foundation of New Lahore City, ZAITOON has aced the real estate [...]

NEW Lahore City FUN-FAIR (DAY 3)

After a long year of a hectic routine and pandemic threat, a good family outdoor activity was just what the doctor ordered for people of Lahore to end the year on a good note and leave all the bad times behind. People can get an opportunity to relax their mind and enjoy themselves. In the [...]

NEW Lahore City FUN-FAIR (DAY 2)

Funfair, as the name suggests, is a fair with lots of fun. ZAITOON believes that funfair is one such activity that helps everyone to come out of dreary routines and have fun with friends and families. Having this mindset, a funfair was arranged by the management of ZAITOON from December 18, 2020 to December 20, [...]