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How to conserve water at home?

Without water, existence of life is not possible. One the one hand, significance of even a single drop of water cannot be undermined, on the other hand the per capita fresh water availability is on a steep decline in Pakistan. The country is facing acute water shortage, and to make matters worse this shortage relates […]

5 Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Proper lighting in the kitchen can play a vital role when it comes to cooking, preparing, cleaning, and doing other activities. Lighting in general has an effect on mood but more so in the living spaces where you spend most of your time. Besides functionality, good lightning gives a fancy and appealing touch to your […]


As they say, man proposes God disposes. Life is a collection of events and a collection of ups and downs, good times and tough times, highs and lows. It never follows a linear pattern. As important as it is to enjoy the good times, the high tides it is equally important to keep cover for […]

Best places to buy furniture in Lahore

Lahore is known as the city of Gardens. It houses some of the biggest markets for any industry. Lahore is a multi-dimensional market place, booming businesses range from physical stores to online shops, there are plenty of options from where you can get what you want. We here however are going to focus on Lahore’s […]

Why to invest in property?

There are many ways to make money. You can make it by exchanging your savings in some foreign currency (any currency which is on the high as compared to your local currency) and you can also make money by investing in gold, livestock, opening a dairy farm, and any other business. As ways to earn […]

Pakistan Kisan Cards; A step to Facilitate Farmers

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan. This chain starts from the farmers hence they have immense importance in economic performance and food security of Pakistan. According to Agriculture Census 2020, small-scale farmers constitute 60 percent of Pakistan’s rural population and the agriculture sector contributes up to 20 percent to the GDP of Pakistan. These statistics […]

How to Celebrate Eid amid COVID – 19

For Muslims, Eid is not just a word, but a feeling of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, have their unique importance. Eid ul-Adha (‘Festival of Sacrifice’) is celebrated to remember prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son (Symbolic for willingness to sacrifice ones most precious thing on ALLAH’s command) when God ordered […]

Green Spaces; their Importance for Cities and How to Create Them

A study from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment estimated that air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths a year. Similarly, as per Air Quality and Pollution City Ranking 2020, Pakistan has ranked as second with most polluted cities; Lahore is ranked at number 2, and Karachi is ranked at number 19, having AQI […]

Top Internet Providers in Pakistan

This is in an era of technological advancement and investment. Access to internet is more of a necessity rather a luxury now. Most people around the globe require access to high-speed internet service to perform routine activities round the clock. People use it for entertainment and business purposes. According to Global Digital Insights Data, there […]

How to Upgrade the Living Room in an Affordable Manner

Big Changes are not always necessary for revamp – like complete painting of a home, changing ceilings, doors, and windows, and upgrading the floors – to upgrade the home. Instead of the big changes mentioned, which require a great deal of effort and a reasonable budget, little upgrades in the living room can also breathe […]