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ZAITOON participation in CPL

As they say, a sound body has a sound mind. Sport is one of the best ways to keep your body sound. It brings great benefits for people of any age. Along with keeping a person healthy, playing sports also helps to build good relations and leadership skills. Employees can perform efficiently if they will […]

Groundbreaking (Pre-Launch) ceremony of Zaitoon City

Have you ever had the experience of investing in the real estate market? Do you know when and where to invest? How to crack a good deal while buying a plot? What do experts say? These are some common yet important questions asked by many buyers. Although investing in the real estate sector is highly [...]

Zaitoon City Property Dealers Lunch in Zaitoon Corporate Centre

A real estate consultant a.k.a. property dealer is an integral stakeholder in the real estate market. He can help you achieve your desired return on your investment by advising you about the property market as a whole. He acts as a market reporter providing expert advice based on experience. In short, affiliation with an experienced real estate […]

Possession Handover Ceremony October 2020

How to make money in real estate? Buy a piece of land today and sell it later when the value has appreciated and make a profit? This is to many the way to earn big in real estate. It is not as simple as it sounds. Often one hears plot buyers complaining about a lot […]


Building trust is not easy. It takes years to build, but seconds to break. Same goes for all businesses. Have you ever wondered that what is common in all well-known brands across the world? First and foremost is customer trust, customers have faith that every-time they make a purchase from the brand the quality and […]

Best Residential Investment in Lahore

Residential Investment in a nutshell is all about the investments in buying places to live your everyday life or so. From small Apartments to Large Villas, it’s all about the residential sector. Whilst similar in some ways to the commercial investment sector, the residential sector has its own specific sub-sectors, investment routes, regulations along with […]


As they say, land is a good business since we do not make it anymore. Real estate is a huge market big market and making a mark in this market is not easy. Any developer needs to ensure quality infrastructure, on-time delivery, reaching out to customers and consistent efforts for making a good name. History […]


Investment in real estate sector is highly profitable, this is common knowledge. However, it is equally risky as well. According to forensic audit report in the Supreme Court on the housing societies, Pakistan has 3,720 registered housing societies, while the number of unregistered housing societies is almost double at 6,072. Out of the total unregistered […]

Best Commercial Investment in Lahore

Commercial Real-Estate just as important as Residential Real Estate. It is just a vile thought that the commercial properties are not as important as residential ones. But we all have the courage to say that the cities are run by the commercial sector. Buildings, plazas, offices, industrial buildings, municipal buildings, malls, hotels, restaurants and what […]

Zaitoon New Lahore City BUMPER LUCKY DRAW

How does happiness come? True happiness comes from within. It comes from making wise choices, including choosing to be happy. When your external situation is going well, it might make it easier for you to choose happiness, but it is not the cause of it. You can be happy even when things around you are […]