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Five Benefits to Switch to Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar power is traditionally thought to have many benefits such as, it is a clean source of energy, it is free of emissions, and is a renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, solar power systems doesn’t release harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions – like carbon dioxide etc. – into the air. Although […]

Here is all you Need to Know about ZAKAT

It is narrated in Holy Quran, “(O Prophet), take sadaqa (zakat) out of their property. It will clean their wealth and purify their soul (Quran, ix. 103). The word Zakat is mentioned thirty-two times in holy Quran. It is third pillar of Islam followed by Belief in Allah (1st pillar) and Prayer (2nd pillar). It […]

Economic Benefits of providing Low Income Housing

Everyone has the right to live in an adequate house. Unfortunately, due to excessive land prices, land speculation, high development charges, exorbitant rents, inflated interest rates of housing loans, outrageous construction costs, and scarcity of land, owning a single housing unit has become a mirage especially for low income class in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is […]

5 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Developers

Investment in the real estate is an art. In-fact, this sector is a game changer. An ocean of money is required to invest in this sector. Besides money, real estate is a challenging business that requires knowledge, talent, networking, patience, and sometimes risk-taking-attitude. Frankly speaking, the aim of all the discussion is not to instill […]

Top Five Reasons to Install a Home Security System

True, security comes first. A secure environment is what everybody wants. It will be important for peace of mind. One can never be mentally relaxed, if one’s home is not secure. Therefore, investing in a home security system, although seems costly, but is a wise decision because an inefficient home security system can cost you […]

How to Remodel Your Kitchen: Six Takeaways

How much time do you spend in the kitchen on average every day? In Pakistan, men spend an average of 22 minutes, whereas women spent 51 minutes on an average day. It is not only a cooking room, but a place where you sit together, eat together, and smile together. Hence, it the most popular […]

Tourism in Pakistan: Five Must Visit Places

The tourism industry has been one of the most rapidly expanding industries in modern business over the last two decades. Nowadays, people travel much more frequently than ever before. According to a report published by World Trade Organization (WTO, 2005), 338 million are people employed in the industry as a whole, 800 billion US dollars […]

Rasta Application – Travel Smart with Comfort and Safety

Can everyday traffic affect the mental health? Can traffic and travel cause stress and anxiety? What is the cost that society pays for traffic congestion? Getting stuck in traffic can cause stress, fatigue, irritability, and rage in commuters. It can be highly irritating, especially if you’re traveling home from work or vice versa. Simply put, […]

Five Best Places to Visit in Lahore

An old Punjabi adage goes - Je Lahore Nai Dekhya, O Janmyai Na – meaning, one who hasn’t seen Lahore is not even born. It expresses the pride Lahoris have for their city, which is also popularly known as ‘The Paris of the East’. The city is a hub of beautiful gardens. It prides itself on prolonged history [...]

New Year Cheers!!!

Every new year marks a new beginning. You can celebrate the beginning by setting goals for yourself, making resolutions for self-improvement, and spending time with your family. Every individual and every organization is unique in its ways to start with a new beginning. Zaitoon has a unique style for everything. How has Zaitoon decided to [...]