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Importance of good road connectivity

Building roads is an integral part of development infrastructure. A well-developed road network brings about a host of socio-economic development to any community. It plays a vital role in a country’s economic development. Developing a well-connected road network can easily be categorized as the single most important determinant of an area’s well-being.  Moreover, a good road connectivity […]

Family Mart at ZAITOON New Lahore City

A general store is established primarily for the retailing of daily household base items. It provides food items such as milk and bread, and various varieties of household goods, including groceries. Owner of a general store, stocks different kinds of items from various wholesalers, and sells them to customers keeping retail margins. People from the […]

What Size Home Should You Build?

Bigger homes offer more space and utility areas, smaller homes, on the other hand, offer more cost cutting in terms of being built and maintained. Size of home depends, principally upon pocket and inhabitant size, lifestyle and preferences. Typically, following are the key factors that must be considered when deciding about the size of home; […]

Providing you best residence in approved boundary line

Lahore is Pakistan’s second-most populous city after Karachi. It’s been known as the city of gardens and a city of opportunities for more rural to urban migrants. It has a culture of accommodating anyone and everyone who enters the fold. It is this welcoming nature that has, over the years, promoted high numbers of rural […]

Hacks to decorate your house in low budget

To decorate is to make attractive and beautiful. Decorated places have a much stronger and a much more pleasant impact on the viewer. It can rather be called a mood enhancer and helps you get rid of anxiety and stress. Entering in a well decorated home, gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Decoration is […]

Picturesque 150 feet Wide Main Boulevard

A boulevard is defined as a wide street in a town or a city, in land development terms in Pakistan, main boulevards of housing societies is the main road entering in the society. The width of the main boulevard is dictated by regulating agencies according to the size of the housing project. It is typically […]

5 Mistakes New Homebuyers Make

Shopping for a new home is exhausting yet exciting and also brings along a degree of anxiety and scare. Data suggests that there are a few typical mistakes that can be said to be made by home buyers. In Pakistan, the absence of enough information and misguidance are which further adds to the probability of […]

ZAITOON Corporate Office – New Lahore City Main Boulevard

Like every walk of life, corruption, wrongdoing, broken promises, misled consumers, are very much a reality in the real estate sector of Pakistan as well. There have been many a housing projects/schemes that were launched without any approval from the relevant authorities. Consequently, end consumers were on the losing end. It was relatively late that […]

First 10 Things to Unpack in Your New Home

One makes a lot of memories throughout their lives and the ones that they make in their home are the best. Taste of those memories is further enhanced and they become blessings, if the home is your own home. Every human emotion feels a little better if experienced in your own home. Making an effort […]

A Fine Place to Live – Premium Enclave

ZAITOON New Lahore City has been divided into many sectors/blocks which have been given fancy names (e.g. Royal Enclave, Platinum Enclave, Premium Enclave, Pearl Enclave etc.) to live up to the standard of living that New Lahore City intends to deliver to its residents. If you are looking for a place which offers comfort, modern […]