Housing in Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward

An investment in real estate goes a long way and it is widely believed that it always appreciates unless there is a real estate crisis or political instability. As an investor, one must keep tabs on the market condition, demand and supply of real estate and buying power of the other investors and buyers in […]

5 Questions to be Asked Before Choosing an Architect

Designing and building a new home, or even remodeling, is a daunting task. Your home’s design can determine your comfort and convenience. Whether your budget is limited or not, money is dear to everyone. You definitely want value against every penny spent. Hiring an architect is not a requirement, but it surely has benefits. A […]

Home Construction and Labour Cost in Pakistan

The process of building a house is complicated. Why is it so? It is because the whole process requires the involvement of a lot of professionals whose expertise determine how homey you will find your brand-new place. To discuss the entire process of home construction, it is needed to spot a light on so many […]

Renovate or Rebuild – What to do?

Buying or living in an old house has a number of downsides. While you may easily make changes to some of the exterior and interior elements, such as getting a paint job or replacing the main gate, if there is a major structural change, like adding a room or increasing the height of the ceilings […]

Miyawaki Urban Forestation in New Lahore City

Forestation helps to stabilize the climate of any region. The trees planted in forestation help in reducing the greenhouse gas effect which helps to prevent global warming. Especially, forestation in a country like Pakistan can contribute up to a significant extent to make the environment neat and clean. Keeping the view of changing environment, the […]

How to conserve water at home?

Without water, existence of life is not possible. One the one hand, significance of even a single drop of water cannot be undermined, on the other hand the per capita fresh water availability is on a steep decline in Pakistan. The country is facing acute water shortage, and to make matters worse this shortage relates […]

Well Done ZAITOON for Organizing; JULY FOR KIDS

Having fun in critical times is difficult. Year 2020 has been a tense year so far due to the pandemic. People’s activities have been curbed and they are bound to stay at home. Regular meet-ups at restaurants have been limited to gossips on phone calls. No hand-shake, wearing a mask, use sanitizers, don’t hug, follow […]

Importance of Facility Management; ZAITOON’s ROLE

Throughout the existence of ZAITOON, the management strives to provide the best quality services to its customers. This is the reason why all customers of all projects of ZAITOON are extremely satisfied with their investment, especially customers of New Lahore City. ZAITOON is one of those master developers who do not brush aside customer concerns […]

A Commercial Avenue by Zaitoon

As a general rule, residential spaces are accompanied with commercial spaces. This is what makes living convenient for people since they can get the everyday use activities done. No residential spaces are complete without ample provision of commercial spaces. Developers over the years have devised their own formulas for percentage division of land for different […]

Construction Industry Package given by The Government

True, the road to success is always under construction. The construction industry is one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP. It plays a vital role in providing employment opportunities. Statistically speaking, seven per cent of the Pakistani workforce is directly employed in this sector. Moreover, as per the economic survey of Pakistan, the […]

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