All you need to know about Cycling Tracks in Lahore

Have you been stuck in 9 to 5 job? Do you want to relax after daily hectic routine? Do you want to lose your weight? Do you want to remain healthy and smart? If answers of aforementioned questions are yes, then this blog is for you. You can get a number of benefits by regular […]

This is how to make Your Balcony Super-Cool

A balcony is one of the most important parts of an apartment. A lot of people choose apartment homes on the basis of the look and feel of balconies in them. In a high-rise apartment, a balcony doesn’t only let you enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding cityscape but also allows you to take in […]

Best ways to Stay Warm and Safe in winter

PAKISTAN: A place to live and enjoy. From lush green valleys during the spring season to breathtaking snow-capped landscapes with high mountain peaks in winters, the country has been blessed with everything. More than that, the country also has picturesque topographic features and all four seasons. To cut short, with so many worth-visiting winter destinations, Pakistan […]

Do’s to get Vehicle Out of the Snow

Usually, snow fall happens in northern areas of Pakistan. Many people – from different parts of the country – head to these areas to enjoy snow: especially in winter. Driving on roads covered with snow is very different from simply driving on wet roads. So, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a […]

Lahore’s First Modern and Planned Downtown

The Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) launched Lahore Prime – located near Kalma Chowk, Ferozepur Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg – to present a unique investment and business opportunity in the city. The government also initiated work on the first planned Lahore Downtown for the urban and economic development of the province. Let’s […]

Thank you Lahore for an amazing evening

Times have not been easy sin the advent of COVID-19. Those who kept supporting even through these tough times are real heroes; fortunately, Zaitoon is among them. How has Zaitoon contributed this time? What special did Zaitoon get done? Zaitoon believes that every cloud has a silver lining. The beauty of difficult time is that […]

Zaitoon New Year Carnival

Advance Happy New Year Everyone! Different countries celebrate New Year differently. Some go for impressive firework displays. While others arrange local festivals and traditions. However, Zaitoon has its own class, style, and uniqueness to celebrate everything. How is Zaitoon going to celebrate New Year? What is the uniqueness? What is in Zaitoon’s mind to celebrate […]

Dengue Fever; Causes, Symptoms, and Precautions

Dengue fever is a year-round and nationwide risk in Pakistan. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) Authorities, 3,442 dengue fever cases in Pakistan in 2017, more than 3,200 in 2018, almost 24,547 in 2019, and 3,442 cases in 2020. The situation has been worst and devastating in this year, 2021, as well. This year, since […]

Zaitoon Champions League – A Tournament to Remember Forever

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pakistanis do not only like cricket, in fact, they love it. For them, cricket is more than a game. Their passion for cricket is matchless. Simply speaking, cricket is where hearts of many Pakistanis are. Knowing the love for cricket that Pakistanis’ have has no limits, Zaitoon always tries its best to facilitate its customers, […]

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