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Rural to Urban migration is almost always results in search of safety and easier access modern luxuries and living standards. According to the population census, urban areas accounted for two-thirds of all in-migrants. By the census, 43% of lifetime migrants gave ‘moving with household head’ as their reason for migration. Commitment is one of the most regarded trait in a real-estate organization.

Lahore is the Pakistan’s second-most populous city, the first spot occupied by Karachi. Lahore is also one of Pakistan’s wealthiest cities, not only in terms of art, culture and architecture but also in terms of resident wealth. Lahore, popularly known as the city of gardens accommodates resident numbers well beyond it’s capacity. This fact has rendered living in Lahore extremely prone to congestion, anxiety and other civil problems, although this has not deterred the inflow of migrants. If at all anything the inflow has increased. As a result of rapid increase in Lahore’s population, to address the housing shortage, and to accommodate people from different financial status ZAITOON New Lahore City was launched. Over the years it has proved to be the epitome of quality housing delivered on time in manageable prices. Time has also proved it to be the pinnacle of good investment decisions which bear fruit at the right time. ZAITOON New Lahore City had a vision to provide extraordinary lifestyle services in a self-sustained housing society at reachable prices with a peaceful environment away from the hassles of the city yet being accessible to every touch point of the metropolis. ZAITOON New Lahore City is the culmination of that dream.

As per their promises, ZAITOON is not only making a housing society rather it is building a community to redefine classy lifestyle at an affordable cost. The commitment level of ZAITOON is clearly depicted by the level and quality of development that they have done and the services they have provided to the residents before the committed time. In an industry where delays in delivering the committed inventory are considered to be the norm, ZAITOON has led the way and redefined trends by being the only housing society in the history of the country which has delivered before the committed time. Rapid infrastructure developments in the area have made ZAITOON New Lahore City even more attractive. This is on addition to the fact that New Lahore City is just one kilometer away from the Lahore Ring Road SL-3 interchange. ZAITOON – New Lahore City has taken great pains and has gone to great lengths to ensure that the customers, who had put their trust in them, are well taken care of and their trust is not shaken. In an era where development and land costs have skyrocketed, ZAITOON made sure that the customer trust was sustained by providing timely delivery to them. With lucrative residential and commercial plots on offering, at an amazing location, all legalities covered and available on easy installment plans this is the place to be at this time. This end of the city has been waiting to catch the investor’s attention for a long time and this is finally happening.

In the light of all that has been said, ZAITOON-New Lahore City can, hands down, be said to be the best housing project in Pakistan which attracts people from in and outside of Pakistan because of its commitment level. It is rightly said ‘Seeing is Believing’ so, pay ZAITOON-New Lahore City a visit and see for yourself what you are missing out on if you still have not booked your unit there.


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