Some of the Common Moving Nightmares

Moving from one place to another can be very stressful and burdensome. When you move, unforeseen problems may occur at any stage of the relocating process, but here are most common moving nightmares that you might encounter. 


  • Effort taking task:

There is no secret that, assembling, packing and moving of luggage is a troublesome task. It requires commitment, patience and great effort. Sometimes, just seeing the luggage that needs packing and moving, be overwhelming and may seem like a herculean task. If that is so, then you need to follow a step wise approach. A good approach is to gather packing materials first, including tape, labels, markers or scissors, in a container so nothing is misplaced. Then the fun begins: Go room to room, placing grouped items in boxes, bins, or bags. Label each with color-coded stickers or labels designating the intended room. This is a right way to keep yourself motivated.


  • Safety Concerns:

In the process of moving, you have small size, medium size and large size bags to operate with. Handling large size, consequently heavier, bags can cause stress to the muscular system of the handler. It’s advised to take care of yourself – as health comes first. Try to make every effort to prevent injuries and accidents on moving day, as getting hurt is one of the worst things that can happen during the process of moving. 


  • Packing Mistakes

PACK EVERYTHING WISELY, otherwise, you may face a lot of problems. For instance, after the completion of packing, you may notice that you have packed more items than you have decided with the movers. Now, mover may not allow you to load additional items on the moving truck. Or maybe truck don’t have enough capacity/space. So, do your homework first and then make a deal with the movers. In addition, while packing, it’s always advised to label the packed boxes. In case, you don’t label the boxes properly, you will lose time and money in the end.


  • Belongings may damage: 

During packing, loading, adjusting (in truck) and shifting (to new place), your belongings may get damaged. Moreover, moving truck may face an accident while transporting your belongings. It might be a case, you come to know that something is missing when truck reach at the destination. To make sure that, you are transferring everything safely; get moving insurance. Take photos of most important possessions beforehand. Then, ensure that you are in contact at the move is complete. At the destination point, take picture if you find any damage. Compare them with previous pictures and immediately file a claim with the insurance company.


  • Your belongings are not fitting at the new place:

One must consider the dimensions of entrances before moving. Ignorance of this thing may cause great trouble afterwards. For instance, your furniture might not pass through the entries of new place. To avoid this problem; measure the entries of the new place and compare them beforehand with the measurements of your largest furniture pieces. If possible, dismantle the furniture and assemble it again after moving. For example, a bed frame has legs that come off, and many shelving units can be split into smaller parts. If furniture can’t be dismantled and still doesn’t seem to fit, try new angles. It’s not necessary to enter everything through doors. There may be a window or balcony that will accommodate the object. So, try to avail these options. 


  • Unforeseen Circumstances: 

There are a number of unforeseen circumstances that you can face. There may be heavy traffic jams which cause long delays. Your truck may face a traffic accident. There may be no parking space at the point where you are supposed to relocate. In these cases, you can’t proceed with your move as planned. Unfortunately, you may have to postpone the relocation to another day. So, in order to be safe, keep in mind all these circumstances in the beginning and be flexible if required to counter such Nightmares. 


  • Technical Mistakes by movers:

There are plenty of mistakes at mover’s end, which may throw you in trouble. You will be in a problem if, movers are inexperienced, careless, come late and don’t show up at all. Moreover, movers may demand extra charges, when are have done. They may hold your belongings until you pay an extra service charge. So, be clear, and transparent with them while dealing. You must overview their previous background before to finalize. 


  • Make the right deal at the right time:

Moving in a hurry will always be costly in the longer run. In case, you book your movers at the last moment, they will require extra services. You will also fail to crack a realistic deal with Nightmares. You may pack all your items without sorting them out first. Simply, you’ll end up paying much more than you expected. So, make the right deal at the right time.

You, don’t need to be worried about all these nightmares. Here is good news for you. To avoid such nightmares; all you need to do is careful planning at each phase of moving. 


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