Designer Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Every corner of a home has its unique importance. If you want to make a home classy overall, you have to check if all rooms are designed and maintained well. Like other rooms, upgradation of the bathroom is also very important. It is usually the first place one goes to at the start of the day, and the last one before go to bed. How to upgrade the bathroom? The answer is one can upgrade it in multiple ways. For instance, one can change paint colours, floor tiles, or even can replace bathroom vanities to get the job done. Although these are awesome ways to turn your bathroom into an elegant and stylish look, but this is not the end. Bathroom ceiling can also do wonders. If you haven’t considered a ceiling upgrade, or are just looking for inspiration for your next bathroom model, check out these awesome Bathroom ceiling ideas.

Upscale lightning

Lighting is important. It is a beautiful way to give a new look to your bathroom. As a rough guideline, bulbs labeled daylight or bulbs labeled cool white is best for the bathroom. You can use a chandelier which is perfect for creating a focal point in your bathroom, whether that is over your tub or a stylish vanity. Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, which makes them perfect for almost any bathroom decor style. If you’re thinking about adding a chandelier to your bathroom ceiling, keep in mind that this style of lighting takes up more space than other options. Chandeliers work well in larger bathrooms with higher ceilings.


If you’re ready for some major remodeling, adding a skylight to your bathroom can change everything. A skylight will turn your bathroom into a relaxing room to wash away the worries of your day. You can relax in your tub and enjoy a gorgeous blue sky or can bath under the stars by night. Moreover, skylights also create a bright and airy space, and they also make a room look larger as they bring in natural light and open the ceiling.

Wood – A way to give a natural touch

More natural one go, more appalling the space will become. The same goes for the bathroom when you will use wood-paneled ceilings and beams. Rich and heavy woods look expensive, sturdy, and contrast well with the light-colored decor. Wood paneling can also be used for a modern style as a way to create a visually interesting effect.

Go for Metal Ceiling

Since metal is a durable, easy-to-clean, and practical bathroom ceiling material, you can use it in your bathroom. After polishing it, you will get a beautiful shiny surface that will bring a stylish vibe to your space. In most cases, you will have a few types of this material including copper, aluminum, chrome, tin, brass, and galvanized iron. You can pick out these tiles or sheets when you want to hide unattractive pipes and wires, as well. Their primary advantages are low price, quick installation, and the possibility of removing only one damaged panel without replacing the entire ceiling when necessary.


Stencils are an inexpensive way to add a creative touch to your bathroom ceiling. You can easily change the style of a stencil by what color you choose. Gold and brass are perfect for more posh styled bathrooms, or you can use the same stencil in a blue to add a touch of sky-blue colours to an all-white bathroom.

These awesome ceiling ideas can really give stylish look to your bathroom. Must try!


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