Do’s to get Vehicle Out of the Snow

Usually, snow fall happens in northern areas of Pakistan. Many people – from different parts of the country – head to these areas to enjoy snow: especially in winter. Driving on roads covered with snow is very different from simply driving on wet roads. So, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a big pile of snow is something new for many people. In case, it does happen, one should know how to get out of snow – so one can come out of it safely. Here is a compiled set of intelligent techniques that one can use when ones car gets stuck in the snow. Let’s begin!

Clear the path around the Tires
This is the first and most obvious step in getting your car free from snow. There’s no hard rule or set method. The goal is to remove the snow surrounding the tires of your vehicle and free them. Make sure to remove the snow stuck within the cavities of the tire treads. Next, you would also need to create a few feet of space at the front and back of your car to make sure it can move freely. Once you have made sure there’s no snow to interrupt your path, move on to the next step.

Clear Snow from your Car
The next step in getting one’s car free is to clear snow from the car. The point is, how does one do that? Well, it is quite simple; just remember these three steps: “drive, reverse, and repeat.” Be extremely careful when you put your feet on the brake. You can also try to shift to neutral for a second just before switching gears.

Avoid Flooring the Accelerator
One may hear it from several motor-heads and experts who said, “It’s the momentum that sets you free, not power.” It means that one should always avoid flooring the accelerator, no matter how tempted one is to do so. Keep a cool head and go easy on the pedal to give your vehicle a little gas for a moment, then gradually let off. This need to be done to enhance the “rocking motion”, so keep repeating this step over and over until you’re good to go.

Add some Traction under the Wheels
Hopefully one wouldn’t need to get to this step, however, if one still cannot get the car free from the snow, one can try to get more traction under your wheels. To begin with, one will need to turn off the traction control feature of ones car to have full control of the vehicle. However, this should only be done when you are stuck in snow since traction control is used to prevent your tires from spinning. So, always keep the feature off while you’re driving during snowfall. On the other hand, if you are ever stuck in the snow, it is good to turn it off to have more control over how your tires spin.

Don’t refuse a Helping Hand
It is wise to not to drive alone during snowfall. Always keep a family member with a few people from work. Having people in your car who can help you push the car out of the snow is nothing short than a blessing during a blizzard. Also, take help from friendly onlookers on the road. Remember, when people are pushing your car, all you have to do is gently press the gas pedal for additional momentum. You have to make sure that you and the passengers in your car are completely safe, so check for a few things. First of all, check that your vehicle is not in the forward gear. Secondly, make sure that the ground isn’t slippery, so the people pushing the car do not get hurt either.
True, driving in the snow sounds like a thrilling experience, but it is equally risky. Try to avoid getting out in snowfall or when your local weather forecast issues warning about a snowstorm. Opt to work from home if you have something urgent needing your attention. Have a good winter everyone!


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