Elegant False Ceiling Styles for Home

True, home is where the heart is. It is a place where you spend most of your time. The more pleasant the home is, the more time you will love to spend there. Do you ever think about how to make a home more appealing, pleasing, and comfortable? The answer is, little changes can make a big difference. Among others, the following elegant false ceiling styles can add colours to the look of your home.

Simple False Ceiling
Simplicity has its own beauty. Sometimes people don’t like to add too much drama. They desire to go simple. For such people, simple false ceiling is the best option to choose. For this type, you have to draw out some simple sketches on paper and decide for yourself what suits you best. Additionally, you can also check it by Google which will assist you better and provide you multiple designs.

Circular Curves make it Classy
If you love circles and you want your false ceiling to be the center of attraction then go for circular false ceiling designs. It would add charm to your living rooms by entirely changing the look. Circular curve will be a kind of the focal point. It will have many other advantages. For instance, it will be a modern visual appeal. It will be ideal for those homeowners that wish to add a wow-factor to their property. Curved ceilings are also popular with developers due to their ease of construction. So, a circular curve ceiling is a classy option to go for.

Barrel Valuated Ceiling
Broadly speaking, vaulted ceilings are just elevated ceilings. They can have multiple nooks carved out. In this space by Commune Design, the ceiling takes on a barreled, curvilinear slope, which opens and softens up the entire room. For an even more elaborate rounded ceiling, consider a full dome.

Ceiling Trays
Ceiling trays are just recessed ceilings in which the highest point, the center, is inverted. If you have high ceilings, they can give the room more depth and make it feel more special. They’re simple in design but add a nice finishing touch. You can also do a few layers stacked on top for a bigger impact.

Conferred Ceiling
The geometric pattern created by a coffered ceiling is just like a tray ceiling – the only difference is there are multiple recessed areas. This ceiling has multiple specialties. It provides unique visual appeal and is especially suited for large rooms. It is most commonly made from wood, but modern architectural solutions can use engineered wood, metal, and concrete just as well.
Every ceiling design has its own charms. You can choose according to the want and home size.


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