Ensuring Clean Water Supply New Lahore City

Water is a fundamental human need. Humans need around 6 to 8 liters of drinking water every-day (depending on various factors) to function properly. Apart from being a necessity, clean drinking water has major health and fitness benefits as well, such as, if you drink half a litre of water in one go, it increases your metabolism by 24-30% for up to 1.5 hours.

This means that drinking 2 litres of water every-day can increase your total energy expenditure by up to 96 calories per day. Without water, there would be no life on earth. The United Nations considers universal access to clean water a basic human right, and an essential step towards improving living standards worldwide.

Supply of clean water has continuously declined because of the long-brewing water crisis in Pakistan. To make matters worse, with a consistent increase in population the demand for clean water is also continuously on the rise. According to statistics, diseases due to unclean drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene practices causes 4.0% of all deaths and 5.7% of all disability or ill health in the world.

Seeing this, the management of ZAITOON has gone the extra mile to ensure a continuous supply of water to the residents of New Lahore City. This lays the foundation of better resident health in society. ZAITOON – New Lahore City has its own water tanker and water treatment plants for providing; clean, healthy and safe drinking water at the door step of residents. This is in continuation to the long list of services that ZAITOON offers to the residents of New Lahore City at their doorstep to make their living convenient. ‘Health, safety and timely delivery’ has always been at the core of ZAITOON management.

Since, sufficient amount of clean water is mandatory to drive a person efficiently. For that purpose, ZAITOON New Lahore City not only timely acknowledged the importance of clean water but also made deep water bores and installed quality checks to ensure sufficient supply of clean water. This is in addition to the sufficient storage capacity that they have built within the society for better provision to the residents.

This is a prime example of ZAITOON management being forward looking and making arrangements in advance when it comes to facilitation to the residents.


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