What We Offer

Zaitoon real estate trend is the catalyst for the change, and it is a concept, a belief, a philosophy event. Our real estate trend evolves to meet a specific need, while others evolve when new products or solutions are launched.

Owing to the unshaken trust of people in our proud history of two decades, we have a strong faith in our future. We set-off confidently in the direction of our dreams with forwarding approach and within short span of time, we are lined-up among the prestigious names in real estate sector of Pakistan.

Town Planning

We develop strategies and design for our projects. Balancing the built and natural environment, community needs, cultural significance, and economic sustainability, our planners aim to improve your quality of life and create vibrant communities.

We have top of the line engineers, architects, building surveyors, economists and developers.

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Urban Development

Zaitoon provides access to urban services and housing at affordable prices because of economical land prices, effective town planning, Adequate supply of serviced land, parks, schools, hospitals and other amenities.  Many of its projects are providing financial assistance to the buyers as well.

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Architecture & Design

Our projects are the master piece of architecture and latest designs. We have top notch architects and engineers onboard.  New Lahore City is one of the best planned new housing schemes in Lahore. Zaitoon’s residential projects has wide roads, green belts and modern sewerage system. We provide around the clock high security, underground water and electricity, parks & play areas, community center and Mosque.

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Land Development

Developing land means planning to alter the land in some way. Our land development involves dividing a larger parcel of land into separate plots for commercial, residential or rural purposes. In most of our projects, this is an extensive and lengthy process, we adhere to uniformity codes and ordinances. We overcome all the hurdles and deliver the best developed land to our customers.

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Zaitoon group is an expert in construction of big building structures. We have constructed some of the top commercial buildings in Pakistan.

We use latest machinery and equipment to make our projects smooth, speedy, cost effective and reliable. Our latest project Zaitoon villas is another example of our residential construction expertise.

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