First 10 Things to Unpack in Your New Home

One makes a lot of memories throughout their lives and the ones that they make in their home are the best, to unpack the accessories is our favourite stuff. Taste of those memories is further enhanced and they become blessings if the home is your own home. Every human emotion feels a little better if experienced in your own home. Making an effort to decorate the home as per individual needs is an effort that everyone makes. Moving to a new home might be an exciting experience but is certainly a tough job.

Packing your stuff from one place transporting it to another and then unpacking and settling in at the other place requires a lot of effort and energy. Here we compile experiences and come up with things that should make the process easier. So, if you are stressing about how you should go about unpacking in your new home, just relax. We got you covered! Here are some useful tips that will help you unpack at your new home.

Create an unpacking schedule:
In Pakistan, living in apartments or in rental homes is the least preferred, provided there are no compelling factors. People prefer the whole house to themselves. One of the factors dictating this is that in Pakistan generally, there are Joint families rather than a nuclear family system. Therefore the number of people occupying a liveable unit is usually more resulting in more luggage being transported to the next home. The best way to attend to the huge load is to make an unpacking schedule and stick to it. Make a plan that what rooms you will unpack first and when you should start. Set a deadline to finish each room. Before unpacking keep yourself motivated. Make a list of items you can easily settle at proper places within no time. Organize your boxes by room and place them according to the plans that you had made.

Make sure the right boxes get into the right room:
Before packing your luggage, everyone must do one important thing. At the time of shifting in a new home, visit the rooms of your home and pack your luggage in boxes according to rooms. While packing, label each box with its contents and the room where it should be placed at your new home. When unloading, ensure that each box gets placed into the right room to make unpacking as easy as possible. This will also save a lot of your time.

Kitchen is the first room you work on:
Kitchen is a very important place of your home. It is the heart of your home. One has to cook to eat (given one does not eat out every-day). Therefore, Kitchen is a room of daily use where all food is prepared. So, this should be the first room you work on. Moving to a kitchen get start with the major areas like the sink, the stove, the fridge and the main counter. Gather your boxes relevant to the kitchen and start unpacking. Organize your pantry by putting away special stuff as long as nothing’s broken.

Unpacking of bathroom right after the kitchen:
Unpacking of the bathroom should be done right after the kitchen since using the bathroom is a necessity. Unpack some fresh towels from your essential box. Don’t forget to unpack things like toilet paper, toothbrushes etc. Once you are done with the kitchen and bathroom you are done with the absolute basic to facilitate living in the new home.

Set up the bedroom:
Right after the bathroom, you must set up your bedroom according to your plan. Furniture should be the first thing to be arranged in the bedroom. Moreover, after a complete day of shifting you would definitely need a good night’s sleep to gear up for the next day. After the furniture, start to unpack boxes that have your bedding. Then unpack the lamps intended for the bedroom, and set them up.

Setting up of laundry room:
Setting up of laundry room is also dependent on the family needs. From the first day onwards, in your new home, laundry needs have to be met in order for you to avoid clothes piling up in the laundry.

Organize your furniture and appliance in living rooms:
Next, set-up and organize your furniture and appliances in the living room or any other place. Properly placing large furniture and appliances will prevent you from stressful situations since it will free-up space for easy mobility around the house. While organizing your furniture stick to your floor plan, any new thoughts can be accommodated at a later time. Before moving, measure the living rooms from wall to wall, and note down the length and width and plan accordingly. Arrange sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves, or other furniture in an appropriate way. You can also set up your dining table at the same time. Unpack your LED and place it on the wall at the same time.

Unpack in remaining rooms:
Next up, move to individual bedrooms. Some rooms may take more than one day, but don’t move to any other room until you have finished the room that you have started first. It will ensure that you have done with the setup of each room. While unpacking, dispose of the unnecessary things. This process is very essential to make your home neat and clean at the time of unpacking. Make sure the boxes that you had unpacked were disposed at that time.

The setting of basement, spare rooms, or garage or storage areas
Storage areas are a necessary evil all households. They hold things not required in every-day life but then they are things which are absolutely essential at other times to facilitate day to day living in the house. So next, pay attention to the storage areas since it is important to place things in proper order there for you to be hassle-free at a later time.

Unpack and hang photos, pictures or painting:
This is a very important step. Look and beauty of walls depends upon arrangements of these things. So, unpack and hang all your wall hangings in a proper manner. Make sure you have a plan for that as well because you would not want unnecessary holes in your walls. Also, don’t forget to unpack and arrange any flower pots you may have moved to beautify your living place.
Although, unpacking at the new place is a tough job but if done methodically, it can prove to be easy and enjoyable. Hope this helps.


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