First impression is the last impression

Seeing is believing, First impression is the last impression, grandeur is everything, all this has been compacted and put to display by ZAITOON – New Lahore City at the entrance and the level of development that they have done in the housing society.

The awe-inspiring impression lingers on in one’s mind for a long time once you visit ZAITOON-New Lahore City. Very few housing societies in Lahore have to offer what ZAITOON has delivered in New Lahore City, it has an amazing 150-feet wide Main Boulevard running through the society along with a beautiful entrance gate like no other in the city. One gets spell-bound by the amazing commercial buildings and that are on the side of the main boulevard. This coupled with the amazing architecture that there is in the houses and the development of the society, created a mesmerizing influence.

This grand corridor, in the middle of the buildings gives a feeling of openness. In the middle of the two sides of the boulevard there is a lush green belt, filled with plants of various varieties and the base full of grass. On every round-about New Lahore City has produced a masterpiece monument to give a feeling of grandeur and a touch of class like no other in the city. State-of-the-art work on columns in greenbelts shows cultural depiction and plays an important role in determining the attractiveness of Main Boulevard.

The beautiful structures erected in the society from the front gate till the end are a masterpiece of design, while giving luxury touch to the main boulevard. Viewer’s eyes get stuck to the glamorous columns which have been engraved along the wall of the entrance gate and throughout the society. Main Boulevard encompasses the physical infrastructure in such a way as to illustrate cultural values. For making Main Boulevard pedestrian friendly, there are footpaths throughout the  length of the constructed road.

A fool-proof security infrastructure (bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel) is available 24/7 on all entrances of the society. This ensures resident safety, which is top priority keeping in mind the law and order situation of the country. Road-blockers and speed-breakers have been installed to ensure traffic control and higher levels of security for residents. Electric street light poles have been installed throughout the society to ensure that the society is well lit when the sun goes down. With all this, Zaitoon New Lahore City is a place where your present and future are secured for life.


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