Five Best Places to Visit in Lahore

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An old Punjabi adage goes – Je Lahore Nai Dekhya, O Janmyai Na – meaning, one who hasn’t seen Lahore is not even born. It expresses the pride Lahoris have for their city, which is also popularly known as ‘The Paris of the East’. The city is a hub of beautiful gardens. It prides itself on prolonged history of the Mughals. It’s where Pakistan’s Islamic identity was born. Additionally, Lahore’s residents are known as ‘zinda dilan-e-Lahore’ or ‘the people whose hearts are alive’. In short, Lahore is a different world in its own; a plethora of gardens, stellar monuments, rich history, and unique-cm-diverse culture spiff up the beauty of this city. Following are five best places to visit in Lahore.

Badshahi Mosque

Your trip to Lahore cannot be complete without visiting Badshahi Mosque. When you visit Lahore, be sure to get some time to see this majestic monument. Its enchant look has not faded even after decades. If you visit in the morning, you can complement the trip with a delicious breakfast session at the food street located at the back of the mosque. However, if you visit in the evening or at night, go to one of the rooftop restaurants to get a gorgeous birds-eye view of the surroundings. A takeaway for you; before navigating through the site, hire a tour-guide to tell you about the history of this building and other interesting facts.

Bagh-e-Jinnah (Lawrence Garden)

Bagh-e-Jinnah, formerly known as Lawrence Gardens, is a historical park in the city of Lahore. The large green space contains a botanical garden, Masjid Dar-ul-Islam, and Quaid-e-Azam Library. There are also entertainment and sports facilities within the park: an open-air theater, a restaurant, tennis courts and the Gymkhana Cricket Ground. The park has plentiful picnic areas. Interestingly, entry tickets are quite inexpensive, and there is some delicious street food on offer. A tip for you is to check in to the gol-gappa stall, whenever you visit.


Do you know the historical importance of Minar-e-Pakistan? This is a landmark where the historic Pakistan Resolution of a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India passed in the annual session of the All India Muslim League. More than that, successive governments put a serious intention for the rehabilitation of this area to make it more livable and alluring for visitors. The park also has dancing fountains and many landscaping spots. As a result, you can spend a great time with your friends and loved ones.

Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum is Pakistan’s most visited and famous museums and remains one of the major museums in South Asia. Why? One word answer is, ‘collection’. The museum has a number of sculptures from the Indus Valley civilisation and Gandhara, musical instruments, ancient jewellery, textiles, pottery, armory, and historical paintings on display. Along with everything, the trip to Lahore Museum will also be a great way enlighten yourself about the importance of heritage and rich culture.

Shalimar Garden

Can you find 410 fountains with waters flowing into marble pools, a design which is based on that of Char Bhagh, a garden which spread out in three elevated levels of terraces mounted above one another, and a high brick wall famous for its detailed fretwork surrounds the garden under one roof? The only place where one can find all these is ‘Shalimar Garden’. Shalimar garden has white marble buildings in typical Shah Jahani style. It is open for the public; any one can go there to enjoy the peaceful environment. To cut short, there is no reason to miss the trip to Shalimar Garden when someone head to Lahore.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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