Foreword for Zaitoon New Lahore City

The demand for housing – especially in large cities such as Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore is intensifying due to increasing population and increased rural urban migration. The urban housing demand in Pakistan is 350,000 units per year, but the formal supply per year is only 150,000 units. Hence, the backlog of housing in Pakistan is 200,000 units every year and it is continuously increasing. To fill this gap, private housing societies are an undeniable important existence in Pakistan. A foreword of Zaitoon is highly appreciable due to the knowledge people want before buying their dream homes.

Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan and the capital of the Punjab province. It is not only a commercial hub in Pakistan; but it has consistently been a place of intellectual and spiritual importance throughout its existence. Those who are residing in Lahore, have always enjoyed access to better facilities. The lifestyle that this city offers is often seen as comfortable. So, attached sentiments, diverse employment opportunities, and basic amenities are the main causes that people have been rapidly migrating towards Lahore. As a result, migrant inflow towards Lahore is much more as compared to other cities of Pakistan. Lahore is now among the most densely populated cities in the world, with a population of over 10 million. 

To tackle rapid flow of population, and to adjust the incoming migrants, large number of housing societies have been developed in Lahore. There is no secret that, there are only few developers in Lahore who deliver – what they promise. Many housing societies don’t have even legal backup. Therefore you should be extra careful before investing in any new housing project. 

ZAITOON – New Lahore City:

When it comes to ZAITOON – New Lahore City; Commitment, Perseverance and Delivery are the key factors which makes it unique among all other housing societies. It is a prime housing society of Lahore with high quality living standards. It based on top of the line engineering and technology at affordable costs with complete transparent system. The slogan of New Lahore City is very clear “Come, Buy, Build and Live.” If one is looking for one of the finest places to live in Lahore, New Lahore City is a place to be. 

Quality Lifestyle:

No compromise is being done on quality, which has made NLC an exemplary model in real estate business amongst other competitive housing schemes of Lahore. Through dedicated work force and team of professionals; every basic amenity has been provided in a planned way. The project is equipped with underground utilities, roads, parks, open spaces, school, graveyard, mosque, landscaping, sewerage, drainage, recreational facilities, emergency services, Bank, Modern sewage and disposal systems, Fool-proof security arrangement & much more. Provision of these facilities has made New Lahore City; a self-sustained housing society. 

Best locality and complete accessibility: 

There is no accessibility issue for the residents, as the society is well connected by its surroundings. It is the only housing society in Lahore which has five main access roads. Located right next to the Lahore Ring Road, it provides easy access to all touch-points of Lahore. Moreover, internal road networking is also laid-down in a way that; basic facilities is located just at the walking distance from every home.

Lush Greenery:

Provision of excess greenery makes ZAITOON – New Lahore city Eco-Friendly. Greenery is ensured all over the society, to give residents a great sense of relaxation/pleasure and complete comfort. Fully grown trees of various species, and lush green belts are improving the ambience & air quality of the community. As more than 55% of the land has been allocated to lifestyle facilities, which, among other benefits, is one of many factors that play a huge role in creating awe in the minds of the visitors. So, it is a place which provides the best residential environment for you and your family in Lahore with lots of green spaces to bring you closer to the nature.

Luxury Places to live:

Development of ZAITOON Villas offer luxury lifestyle in ZAITTON – New Lahore City. ZAITOON Villas is a dream that someone can hold without caring about the budget – as variety in size provides best suitable option to decide according to your budgetary limits. The construction of these Villas being executed keeping in mind the executive class living standards. An integrated environment of high class living amenities and services has been provided. Hence, this is a best place to live and enjoy.

New City Lahore is providing a feasible opportunity for all to live, to enjoy, and to make every moment of life more beautiful. Whenever someone demands for convenience and comfort, ZAITOON New Lahore City proves extra-ordinary by providing all. 


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