The Fruits of Lahore Ring Road

Presence of good road network adjacent to any town has great importance for its linkage with major city centres. Same is the case with Zaitoon’s New Lahore City which is one of the many ventures of Zaitoon. New Lahore City is also unique for being the only society in Lahore which has five major access roads joining it to different parts of the city of Lahore and the Lahore Ring Road.

Lahore ring road (SL-3) Multan road terminal being on a one minute drive from the society entrance tops all roads coming into the society. Historically, proximity to Lahore’s railway station used to set the property prices, then came Mall road, then it was the proximity to canal road, now it is proximity to Lahore Ring Road since distances are no longer measured in kilometres rather in the amount of time it takes to cover those kilometres. Ring Road is undoubtedly the fastest way to commute within the city.

Lahore Ring Road is one of the many megaprojects that have been completed in Lahore in the last decade or so. It has a circumference of 85 Km which means any housing project having close proximity to the Lahore Ring Road (LRR) ultimately links with Lahore Niazi Chowk, Mehmood Booti, GT road, Canal Bank Road, Barki Road, Harbanspura Interchange, Phase 5 and 7 of DHA, Ghazi Road, Ferozpur Road, Sui gas society, Allama Iqbal International Airport and also from Bahira Town to Thokar Niazi Baig.

Another benefit brought along with proximity to ring road is that all linking roads are refurbished in the process. For example, when SL-3 is opened in the next 12 months or so, the Main Canal Bank Road on which Zaitoon New Lahore City, Bahria Town, Canal Gardens, etc. are located, will attain a width of 120 feet (one-way road) from Shahkam Chowk to Sundar Road, the flyover for Shahkam Chowk will also be completed in the process. In addition to this, all other roads linked with Lahore Ring Road have been and the remaining will be widened and improved besides renovation of all major highways for catering better traffic flow.

Historically, proximity to Lahore Ring road has brought about the following positive effects on housing projects;

Data suggests an average increase in the price of 47% in adjacent housing units when the subsequent ring road terminal gets operational. The terminal adjacent to Zaitoon New Lahore City is scheduled to be operational in the next 12 months which will bring immense fruits for investors and residents alike. Here is what distances from SL-3 Multan road terminal will look like once it operational;

  • 10 minutes away from Ferozepur Road
  • 15 minutes from DHA Lahore
  • 20 minutes away from Lahore Airport
  • 3 minutes away from Main Multan road
  • 15 minutes away from M-2 interchange

All these will be signal-free corridors.

Housing projects in this part of the city have a lot to look forward to and gain from the proposed ring road plan and so do their investors and residents alike. These projects still offer the peace of mind of a suburban area and connectivity of being as good as


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