Garden of Remembrance

Graveyards can act as a place of memorial. Graveyards can help to offer a space that brings comfort to families while remembering their loved ones who have left this world for their heavenly abode. It can provide a serene environment to the mourners and survivors to feel closeness to the departed once in a while. It’s a deeply personal process that can be graded as extremely subjective in terms of psychological ease that it brings. 

By taking the time to visit the Graveyard where your loved one is buried, you are paying your respects. It’s a way to honor who they were and all that they did for you. Graveyard also throw a reflection on your life. Everyone spend lives trying to avoid this place but death is inevitable. Visiting a Graveyard affords you the chance to reflect on your lives and the loved ones who were associated with you during their lives. 

In a Graveyard, you have a silent audience of departed souls to remind you that your choices matter. A quiet Graveyard concentrates the mind. You’ll be able to ask the hard questions. Being a Muslim, it’s our firm belief that on the day of reckoning, we will be accountable for our deeds and awarded correspondingly. Allah (SWT) and prophet (PBUH), encourage Muslims to contemplate and be ready for death. So it’s a bitter reality; every soul will taste a death. Speaking out of religious bounds, provision of places to accommodate the dead have been a part of every living community since man has walked the face of the earth.

Keeping this essential human need in mind, ZAITOON-New Lahore City has provided enough specified space for its residents to accommodate the dead in case of an unfortunate incident. Your beloved ones will be buried in peace nearby you. A large parcel of land has been provided for graveyard in New Lahore City

Fact is showing that, New Lahore City project is among one of the many ventures of ZAITOON and is a sign of the ZAITOONS’s competency, credibility and the quality. Project is fulfilling every basic need of residents. 


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