Get Rid of Buzzing Mosquitoes Naturally


Good bye spring!! It is summer time. The sun is out and bright, birds are chirping and everyone is looking forward to their summer plans. However, along with all the merriment, there is one (read thousands) of tiny problem that has the tendency to ruin our entire summer – the ever-irritating mosquitoes.

The indistinguishable buzz and the slight ting that ends with everyone profusely scratching their skin is a nuisance for everyone.

In Pakistan, usually people resort to using harmful, chemical-laden, insect killers. They do kill the little critters but have harmful effects on our skin.

For this purpose, we have compiled a list of natural remedies that might provide you some ease from these flying nuisances.

  1. Neem oil: It is a known mosquito-repellent. Combine neem oil with equal parts pure coconut oil and massage it on the exposed parts of your body. Not only will the concoction keep mosquitoes away but will also soothe irritated skin. Once applied, the effect lasts for approximately eight hours.
  2. Camphor(Kaafoor): Camphor is an easily available product that can be bought from your local spice shop. Light a small amount of Camphor, lock your doors and windows and after 15-20 minutes, your room will be mosquito free.
  3. Garlic: It is not just vampires who hate the smell of garlic, it is mosquitoes too. Boil a few cloves of garlic and spray it around your house. The pungent odor will do a good job of keeping the blood-suckers away.
  4. Mint (Podina): Mint has one of the most refreshing smell. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the green leafy vegetable is a great way to get rid of mosquitoes. According to researchers, mint oil or mint leaves can be used in various ways to counter the problem. It can be added to a vaporizer, mint oil can be applied to your skin or a mint plant can be planted to keep the pesky insects away.
  5. Plant trees: It is a misconception that planting trees ends in increased mosquito infestation. If you know and understand the properties and plant the right kind like mint, eucalyptus, tulsi etc., you can keep you house free from these pests.

Do try these methods at home and if you know of any other natural remedy to rid of mosquitoes, do let us know. Till then, enjoy your summer ?


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