Giving back to the Community by Protecting the Environment

Environment is the surroundings in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. As a good citizen, it is everyone’s moral obligation to keep their surroundings neat and clean. An unclean environment leads to unhealthy living conditions in a society. Since the last two decades, Pakistan has been facing severe environmental degradation issues including deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, climate change, soil erosion, and natural disasters etc. Therefore, ‘how to tackle these issues’ becomes a top priority for Pakistan.

On 6th October 2018, the present government initiated a campaign/environment restoration drive ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’. The Clean and Green initiative aims to protect and care for the environment by engaging the community in leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle. It is a five-year-long nationwide initiative to overcome environmental issues. The agenda of this initiative is to make the masses aware about the importance of cleanliness, reforestation by tree plantation and impacts of climate change to assist them to lead a solution-based campaign. The campaign is formulated in a way to make aware and then act to tackle climate change issues.

Pakistan is the seventh most vulnerable country to harmful effects of global warming. Lahore is among the worst hit cities with the highest increase in pollution levels. Where the temperature is changing rapidly, trees are a great source to keep the temperature in control. Hence, the significance of planting trees in the country is huge. Government’s ambition to plant 10 billion trees has been implemented with the potential to spread the campaign all over Pakistan. Pakistan’s ministry of climate change stated;

  • 6.5 percent forest cover has been increased in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Islamabad administration planted two hundred thousand plants on thirty different places
  • Five percent land of Pakistan could turn into a desert if trees are not planted
  • In Ten Billion Tree Tsunami cost of per tree will be thirty cents while it is fifty cents in the world

In addition, many other targets have also been achieved to meet overall goals of this initiative. ZAITOON – New Lahore always welcomes such community welfare initiatives. They not only limited to the words, but they feel pride that, ALLAH (SWT) gave them an opportunity to participate in such welfare activities. They already have a well-run welfare initiative under their belt by the name of ZAITOON MEHMAAN. Under this initiative, free hygienic food is provided to those who are not able to manage sufficient food on daily basis

As a continuation to the corporate social responsibility initiatives and to continue giving back to the community in the best possible ways, this time, ZAITOON’s management has donated 5000 plants to the Lahore Ring Road Authority for the under the green Pakistan initiative. These plants will be planted along ring road and the sole responsibility of planting and maintaining these plants will be borne by ZAITOON New Lahore City. This is ZAITOON’s way to pitch in to achieve a better environment. In order to kick-off the drive a comprehensive MOU signing ceremony was conducted on 22 October, 2019, where chief guests also planted a few plants to officially inaugurate the event. The chief guests of the ceremony were;

  • Mian Ayaz Anwar (CEO of ZAITOON – New Lahore City)
  • Mian Ejaz Anwar (Chairman of ZAITOON New Lahore City)
  • Brigadier Ahad Muzaffar Shah (Administrator of ZAITOON)
  • Rana Muhammad Arshad (Chairman of Lahore Ring Road Authority)
  • Colonel Asim (Chairman FWO)



Speaking on the occasion, Brigadier Ahad (Administrator of ZAITOON), elaborated that New Lahore City has been carried out many initiatives for the welfare of the community. So far, they delivered everything – what they had promised. Cornerstone school, Jamya mosque, beautiful parks, lush greenery, accessibility of clean water and every other civic amenities are proof of their commitment. He further added that, if any other assistance will be required in this initiative, ZAITOON’s management will always be there.

Moreover, Rana Muhammad Arshad (Chairperson of Lahore Ring road authority) thanked Mian Ayaz Anwar, CEO Zaitoon and Mian Ejaz Anwar, Chairman Zaitoon; for their kind support in this great initiative.

This is a great way to promote public private partnership for the betterment of the community. It is sincerely hoped that more private businesses will follow ZAITOON’s lead and come forward to support the initiative.

These are the reasons which make ZAITOON New Lahore City, the most promising and most wanted housing destinations of Lahore.


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