Hacks to decorate your house in low budget

To decorate is to make attractive and beautiful. Decorated places have a much stronger and a much more pleasant impact on the viewer. It can rather be called a mood enhancer and helps you get rid of anxiety and stress. Entering in a well decorated home, gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Decoration is a subjective and can be easily understood as to each their own. However, there are certain set standards that can be kept in mind to decorate one’s home.

Home decoration speaks for who you are, and what you love. A well decorated home also leaves a positive long lasting impact on guests. Psychologically speaking, there is enough evidence available to support the fact that people spending time in well decorative homes and offices set higher goals in their lives.

But decoration these days does not come cheap. So, here are some hacks to decorate your house without putting too much pressure on your pocket;


  • Best but less expensive lighting option 

Proper lighting can make a huge impact. It is one of the most important things determining the outlook of the place. It’s not necessary to install very expensive lighting, rather what is important is, how available lighting has been placed and directed. Light intensity control switches are a useful hack to control the lighting. In addition to this, instead of buying expensive lamp, you may buy less expensive lamps from the secondhand stores. In your own way, you can paint it or decorate it with different colorful wraps. Use mirrors and other reflecting equipment into your dark rooms to lighten it up.


  • Intelligent use of colors

home decoration colors

To make interior and exterior of your home more impactful, good color scheme is very important.  Color can make or break a space. Warm tone colors like red, orange and yellow can energize a space and its occupants. While the cool tone colors such as blue, green and purple generally create quiet, and relaxing atmospheres. If you want to make your home more beautiful with less use of colors. You must create a color scheme for the paint on the walls. Use a color palette that can flow from room to room. Make sure you are not using different or mixed colors on the walls. This will not only increase your budget but also makes your house not look very classy. In addition to this, you can also reuse leftover paint. Mix the leftover paints of same type. Use a container with a lid for this purpose. 


  • Renew existing things

Finding alternate uses of old household things or refurbishing old things is an excellent way to curtail costs. For instance, instead of buying new cushions and pillows renew them by changing their covers and refilling them. You can also change the old covers of armchairs, couches, with new ones. If you have an old sofa set, throw some new cushions on it instead of buying a new one. You can also add some more cotton sags into it. Changing covers gives a new look to your furniture. Old boxes can also be carved into lamps by placing light bulbs in them. 


  • Decorating through wood

Wood is a great material to give a natural touch and decorate the home. The question is; how should it be used in home’s interior design and decor? One of the options is related to the walls. Decorating walls is the simplest and most inexpensive ways to make your home more beautiful. You can turn wood into wall shelves instead of wasting it, make shoe racks, make wall hangings out of them, make pictures frames out of them etc. this prevents material from being wasted and also makes good new touch instead of having to spend money on it.


  • Decorating through good framing:

Artwork and frames is very important to make your home well decorated. Framing is an investment process. So, instead of buying expensive art work frames just go to a store to purchase some wooden frames and decorate it in your own way. You can also apply some cards on it. After completing frame artwork, display them at walls of your home in an elegant way.


  • Vinyl floor covering:

Vinyl floor covering is a relatively inexpensive way to decorate your home. Different types of vinyl sheets are available in the market at very manageable rates. The benefit of using vinyl flooring is that they are inexpensive to install hence  can be easily placed and replaced when one wants to change the look of their home. They can be used anywhere from living room to kitchen and bathrooms etc. These sheets maintain their beautiful outlook even after heavy use. These are also moisture and stain resistant. In very low cost vinyl offers economical maintenance over the life of the floor.

If you like these hacks you must decorate your home by using these techniques in a low budget.




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