How to Celebrate Eid amid COVID – 19

For Muslims, Eid is not just a word, but a feeling of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, have their unique importance. Eid ul-Adha (‘Festival of Sacrifice’) is celebrated to remember prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son (Symbolic for willingness to sacrifice ones most precious thing on ALLAH’s command) when God ordered him to do so. On the other hand, Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated to pay respect to ALLAH for providing strength and endurance during the month-long fasting rituals. Therefore, these two festivals have great respect and love in the heart of all Muslims wherever they are living across the globe.

This time, Eid-ul-Fitr will not be as beautiful as it used to be every year all over Muslim countries. Due to COVID-19, people are bound to stay at home. Outdoors parks, zoos, gardens, and other public places have been closed. Restaurants are shuttled down. The general public is instructed to avoid unnecessary travel (with the restriction of 70% passengers in public vehicles and 50% passengers in private vehicles). Many friends and family members – who lost their lives after struggling against COVID-19, will not be there to celebrate this Eid. What is the way forward? What to do in such difficult circumstances? There are two ways. First, you may lose hope and keep blaming your fortune. Second, to be optimistic, have faith in ALLAH (SWT), and show patience with the hope that things will come to normal soon. Zaitoon always chooses the optimistic path. To celebrate Eid amid Covid-19 with some spirit and love, Zaitoon has brought to you the following unique ideas that will surely help you to have fun on Eid:

Celebrate Chaand Raat with same spirit but different in a different way

For most people, the night before Eid, Chaand Raat, is a festival of its own. It is a holiday with its own set of traditions and practices. Although this time round salons will not be bustling like every year, bazaars are going to be crowded with people doing last-minute shopping, and mehndi stalls and street food will not be placed, this does not mean that you cannot have a fun time. You can do pretty much the same things in the confines of your home. For instance, as soon as the announcement comes, you can start small festivities at your home, and be digitally connected to your friends and family, to share in the celebrations. Watch mehndi tutorials to do your own mehndi, order your favorite food, watch a movie and host a watch party with your friends.

Go to restaurants but use take-away option

If you miss the greater outdoors, there is no harm in going for a drive around the city. Almost all restaurants are offering in-car dining services, and some have actually adapted to this idea well and offer portable tables. Keep yourselves masked as much as possible and sanitize everything. Try to avoid getting out of the car and coming in physical contact with anyone, as much as possible.

Make home-made food items

In South Asia, particularly in Pakistan, people love food especially on occasions like Eid. You can make sweet dishes like Gulab jamun, ras malai, shahi tukra, vermicelli and other dishes according to your taste. You can spend your day cooking these delicacies at home, and instead of hosting dinner or lunch parties for large groups of people, it’s best if you celebrate with the people at home. The best thing you can do is keep yourself and the ones you love safe. While food is a central part of celebrations, this year you can go an extra mile in preparing all the family-favorite dishes during the long holiday.

Be digitally connected with your loved ones

While there is a certain joy in hosting people and eating together, this Eid you have to maintain social distancing. To stay away physically but be connected digitally is still possible as there’s no harm in connecting with your family and friends through social media. There are numerous apps that allow you to stay connected with your loved ones, no matter where they are.

Don’t forget the less fortune

This Eid, do not forget the less fortunate. Many people have been displaced from their work due to the pandemic, and it is everyone’s duty to help them. You can arrange extensive ration drives, or even just distribute sweets among the children to spread joy around. The spirit of Eid is in sharing, and this year there is an even more need to do so. But doing that keep the pandemic SOPs in mind and do it carefully.

Things to do on Eid-Day

As you know the first day of Eid begins with a mass gathering, which again, cannot be arranged, and should not be attended. It is best that you stay safe, however, if your local mosque offers the facilities to pray in your house’s courtyard, there is nothing better than this. Women of the household can also join in this way, and social distancing will be maintained at all levels. After the prayer, is the time to get ready, and being at home should not be taken as an excuse not to. There’s plenty to celebrate after Ramadan. Enjoy the food, lend a helping hand at home, and call up your relatives.

Hopefully, these ways will assist you to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr in a much better way. Don’t be worried about this pandemic with the hope that it will pass very soon. Have fun, stay safe, and keep praying for those who are suffering.


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