How to Moving Cut Costs When Shifting?

Moving (in this case) means movement of people and goods from one place to another with the intentions of settling, permanently or temporarily at a new location. People may move individually, as family units or in large groups. It is a natural phenomenon; as people always try to find more favorable living or breeding conditions. Some may also move to be closer to work, family or friends. 

Moving seems attractive; but it’s actually time consuming, stressful and of course, expensive. In fact, you may require to hire professional movers to relocate your position, so it is almost sure to cost you handsome amount of money. Whether you’re moving; there are quite a few tricks to help you save money while moving to a new home. Here’s a look at ways to cut costs on your next move.


Move in non-peak periods


In Pakistan, children often have long summer holidays (2 to 3 months) from their schools. If it is possible, you can choose these dates to move your luggage. As your children are out of school, you can get into your new place before the new academic year starts. This will not disturb study routine of your children. Moreover, your children and even their friends may help you in moving as they have less study burden in these dates. If you can’t move in summer or winter holidays, at least try to move on weekends. Remember to request your companions to help you. This will cut your labor cost.





Choose a cheaper date and time to move

Peak Period

One of the simplest and easiest way to save your money is to choose the right moving date. When you hire a professional company, the date and time of your move can have a significant effect with regards to the simplicity of your migration and the size of your financial balance. If possible, then avoid to move in the “extreme moving season”. Rather, choose a mid-week, and mid-month days. In this manner, your costs will probably be lower. Undoubtedly, most of you don’t think about this option to save money. So, consider it, when you have to move next time. In Pakistan, a bad time to move can be around the Eid holidays, around the season in which the crops become ripe since labor is short in these days and whatever labor is available is relatively expensive. 




Book your slot earlier

Book Slot

At the moment, when you’ve finalized an affordable and reputable mover, there’s no use of waiting any longer. You need to just book your move as soon as possible. This is very important, as if you’re moving in the summer, there will be more demands for the movers. Moreover, some moving companies may even give you a discount for early booking and you must avail this opportunity.






Carefully contract with professional packers


Contracting professional packers, will absolutely accelerate your moving procedure, but it is likewise an expense for you. Enlisting proficient packers can get costly. So, you must ask how much they will charge and then calculate it. You may also visit more than one packers and select less costly. 






Examine your expenditure wisely:


At the moment when you have finalized that you will hire a professional moving company, you must take a hard look at the movers’ contract. Analyze and plan your luggage carefully. If your movement can take a long time, then you must opt for a flat rate. Not only this, but you should also take a look at the extra fees attached to your estimate to make sure you’re not being overcharged for something you don’t need.







Separate the trash bags in first priority: 

Trash Bags

In Pakistan, family sizes are relatively large with a ton of belongings. So, unnecessary belongings will also be more. Therefore, you will have un-necessary packs lying around you. Your companions or movers might mistakenly add it in your belongings. You may have a deal with the companies to charge according to the weight. So, they sure don’t mind collecting your trash because it increases the weight of your goods, which equates to more money on your bill.





Packing with Strategy:


In order to save your money, and pack more in less bags, you must pack your belongings strategically. Like;

  1. Clothes on hangers can be grouped and placed in large trash bags.
  2. All small tools should be placed in Ziploc bags.
  3. You may pack breakable things in bags with excessive foam.  
  4. In the similar way, you can pack things in appropriate bags.





Labelling on the boxes:

Labeling Boxes

Time is money, and you can save it by labelling the boxes while packing them. You may label on boxes by writing names of rooms in new home (e.g., ‘kitchen’ or ‘master bedroom’). Categorize each box and note its final destination. This will help you to bring right boxes in the right rooms. Then it will make it easier for you to adjust right things at right places. Colored labels also facilitate grouping or unpacking efforts. And don’t forget to number your boxes so you’ll easily know if one was lost or left behind.

Most importantly, keep calm and the process will be over in no time. Good luck!


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