How to Modernize your Dream Home?

Architecture and home styling is a continuously evolving mechanism. It has varied from every era and as daily life needs evolve home designs also change. However, one activity that happens most of the time is that homes are renovated to make them appear as more modern to make them appear more appealing. In the process, generally the home value increases. While home owners seek to update their homes in minimum possible budget, most popular updates are expensive. One of the tricks to renovate homes to maximize profits, if done with a profit motive, is not to renovate the entire home, but to renovate only those portions which are in high demand. Here are a tips to modernize your home in the best possible way in minimum possible budget.


  • Good lighting leaves an impact: 

Lighting is one of the most important and impactful part of your home. Installation of new lights is an easy way to give a modern touch to your home. You can start with inexpensive ways like floor lamps and table lamps. Choose metallic lamps with simple geometric designs for your bedrooms. In case, you want to upgrade more, since ceiling lights can sufficiently illuminate, you may use them for more impact. Lighting will make your home look modernized in no time.  Brighten it up to modernize.


  • Importance of curtains – to modernize a home:

Curtains give an elegant look to your home. They not only control the amount of light but are also important for privacy. Moreover, they play a crucial role in controlling the temperatures in your home. They keep your home warm during the cold season and cool during the summer.  They also prevent dust from getting into your rooms. Room curtains must match the room furniture and style. For example, for a modern home, choose simple and plain curtains instead of colored and designed.


  • A classic way to modernize your home – Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is generally a cheaper and classic way to make your home more attractive. They also give great reliability and sustainability (as they can last 5 to 10 years) as compared to paint. Today, you can find wallpapers in a number of modern and unique patterns. Modern trends reveal that, wallpapering a single wall and leaving other walls blank will give a unique beauty to your room.


  • Update the Windows: 

Windows provide our homes with light, warmth, and ventilation. They allow the natural light to pour into your homes. It is also a great passage for plenty of fresh air to come into the home. Hence, they can improve the light and air without disturbing the privacy. Aside functionality, windows also play a big role in aesthetics of a home, and to make it more beautiful. If your windows need any renovation or up-gradation, do it now. Use triangular windows for better attraction into your modern homes. For bathrooms use small windows and fits them high on walls.  One must consider the existing theme of the room and house and match the windows accordingly for better harmony in design.


  • Paint your home:

A fresh coat of paint gives a delightful look to a home. Paint colors play a crucial role to make your home modern. If you think your walls/roof/gates/doors/windows look rough, it might be the right time for a fresh coat of paint. Painting your home at regular intervals can also help to protect your home against moisture damage. It was an old trend to paint all walls with basic white color. For a modern home chose bright colors with different shades. One hack for a modern look is to use a glossy paint in the kitchen and bathrooms. Ceiling’s paint should be different than the color of the walls. Changing color is the simplest way to update the space without putting big efforts.


  • Rearrange Furniture: 

Sometimes, you may get bored with a room but don’t have any extra funds to buy new furniture. In this case, you can modernize you home with zero cost. You just need the effort of some lifting and pushing.  There are certain rooms which only work with furniture organized one specific way. You can’t rearrange furniture of such rooms. On the other hand, there are some rooms in which you can rearrange your furniture whenever you want. Have a look at the existing furniture and props that you have to manage with, and find it out, if you can arrange furniture and props in a different manner to give a changed/modern look. So try moving furniture around and see your room in a whole new way.

Now what you have to do? Just look for the areas in your home, identify the areas where renovation is needed, and get to work. Keep in mind, little changes can make a big difference. 


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