Ideal Plants for Kitchen Garden At Home

Whether the size of a home is small or big, kitchen gardening is something that everyone can do. It will not occupy much space. In-fact, it is a real-life example of the butterfly effect as it requires little effort and space but will have multi-benefits. For instance, flowers in the kitchen garden can add fragrance, herbs can add freshness, and vegetables can be used as daily food items. Does it sound good and appealing? Do you want to have a kitchen garden at home? Are you confused about the selection of plants? If you are a beginner, this blog will surely be a great assistance for you to choose ideal plants for your kitchen garden at home.

Sage is a fragrant herb that is incredible for preparing vegetables and sauces. Moreover, sage assists irritation and memory issues. It is indeed herbal organic medicinal cure for a lot of things. It is a simple plant to grow and requires effortless care. Interestingly, it will be incredible in your kitchen herb garden for attracting honey bees. An added benefit is that it adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

Parsley is a bitter plant that can upgrade the taste of your food. Many consider parsley just to be a wavy green topping for food, however, it adds great flavour in your food. As an additional advantage, parsley can help cure indigestion. The plant is also a great organic source of Vitamins A and C.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera, one of the best plants for kitchen and is a must have in every house. Many people put Aloe Vera in the category of outdoor plants but it comes handy indoors as well. The plant is known across the globe for its soothing properties for skin problems and burns. Digestion, circulation, and weight loss are among the added benefits of this super beneficial plant. It also has a bright green color which adds beauty as well. Make sure that you place the plant near a sunny window.

Tomatoes are widely utilized in different dishes. Having access to fresh and juicy tomatoes in your kitchen vegetable garden will make work easier for you. Having the right variety of the plant will be more fruitful. You can go for a dwarf variety like Bush Big Boy or Plum Yellow or Cherry Tomato.

Basil plant is famous in numerous foods and is a primary component in Italian cuisine like pizzas, sauces, salads, and pesto. A few people think basil is incredible for planting close by your tomatoes but there’s no actual proof that it makes your tomatoes taste better. Basil has medical advantages of antioxidants and protects against low glucose or sugar level as well.

Bay Leaves
Bay Leaf plants are slow growing trees with leaves that are used as seasoning in cooking. It is also known as bay laurel, sweet bay and simply laurel. If you enjoy growing herbs, this is a great one to try. One must include entire leaves at the start of the cooking procedure and make sure to remove them before serving.
From this blog, it becomes evidently clear that the importance of a kitchen garden is great and manifold. Hence, one must try ones best to have a Kitchen garden at home.


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