Ideas for Designing a Modern Living Room

Living room is the most useful place in a home in which the residents spend most of the time. Hence the centre point of the home and the focal point of any home is the living room. Therefore, it not only needs to look great, but it must be well maintained, functional and comfortable. It can be a place for social gatherings, or a space to watch TV together in the evening. It can also be used as a dining space when a room separator is implemented. A Modern Living Room is much needed in the times of urbanization and contemporary designing of Houses.

There are some things which are common for good living rooms. They are elegant, practical, harmonious, and are designed to fit the taste and personality of the people who use it. You may have plethora of ideas to decorate your living room, but you must start with the basic question: what do you want to use it for? Below mentioned tips/ideas will help you decide; how you can design a modern living room. Use these workable living room ideas as a starting point for the next time you are thinking of decorating a living room;


  • Color Choice:


Choice of color is very important. It is a proven fact that the colors that you surround yourself with has a great impact on psychology of the individual; colors have the ability to make you feel happy or sad. For Example, yellow color is considered the most energetic. Accents of yellow give your design energy and will make the viewer feel optimistic and cheerful. Likewise, dark blue color has the opposite effect, it evokes the feelings of sadness. So, you may refrain from using darker blues in your main color scheme. Hence it is crucial to use appropriate colors to create a balanced atmosphere. For smaller living room, white color is an appropriate option to make the space look less cramped. However, in larger living rooms, you can use vivid colors and patterns, depending on the style that is being implemented.


  • Flooring of living room:


There are plenty of options for living room flooring. One can choose from, hardwood, ceramic tile, concrete, porcelain Tile, marble or even cover the floor with carpet. Most of people prefer to have high quality wooden floor. It could also be perfect for your living room, but it requires high maintenance cost. In cooler climates, carpets will create a soft and comfortable surface, so you may go for this option.  


  • Design of Living Room:


Design of the living room depends upon the family structure and their priorities. For Example, bigger families may prefer a living room with more seating to accommodate more people. Young people and young couples may go for modern living room designs. Moreover, designs of living rooms also depend upon the priorities. Those people who often move houses, or are open to experiment with interior design, large size living room is a best suitable option for them. As it is simpler to rearrange furniture and accessories, in large living spaces.


  • Decoration of Living room:


This is a question which one often asks, i.e. how can a living room to be decorated? The best advice is that; to find a balance between modern and flexible furniture best suited to needs. For instance, in smaller living rooms, you may install the television in wall mounted cabinet to maximize space utility. Don’t over decorate the living room, leave sufficient space for seating and moving around. Most of the time, you can include a decorative focal point like a painting or mirror. This will help to catch attention of the viewer.  Flowering around the corners of living room will also add organic effect, so that may be a best suitable option for decor of a living room. Balance and harmony are the key elements at all times, when you design your living room.  


  • Symmetry, Harmony and Balance:


Symmetry, harmony and balance are the things which can make your living room more appealing. Abstract art, a unique light fixture, good furniture and an array of colors and finishes come together to create a space that looks great. If furniture is arranged in a symmetrical manner and all other elements of your room fit together, your living room will become a better place. Hence, flowers, furniture and everything else must be displayed in a particular way.

There is nothing more important than a well-designed, comfortable and functional living room in your home. If you go through these tactics, your living will be a suitable place for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. living


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