Importance of good road connectivity

Building roads is an integral part of development infrastructure. A well-developed road network brings about a host of socio-economic development to any community. It plays a vital role in a country’s economic development. Developing a well-connected road network can easily be categorized as the single most important determinant of an area’s well-being. 

Moreover, a good road connectivity also plays a great role in eliminating poverty and creating economic opportunities. Roads open up more areas and stimulate economic and social development. By linking producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to school, and the sick to hospitals, roads are vital to any development agenda.  To provide safe, reliable, affordable and modern communication systems acts as a catalyst for productive growth of any country. For those reasons, road infrastructure is the most important of all public assets. 

In Pakistan, only second to Karachi, Lahore has been considered as the land of opportunities throughout its existence. Great number of people enter and exit in Lahore on a daily basis for the sake of education, employment and for many other facilities. So to support all these factors, number of actions have been initiated, which include the preparation of a new integrated transport policy and strategy. Determined by this need, the road infrastructure of Lahore is one of the most advanced and well maintained- road networks of the country, having extensive and relatively well developed links. Today, good road networking is one factor that makes Lahore as one of the leading cities is a leading city and it plays its part in trade and transportation throughout the country.

In order to enhance the road network of Lahore further, the 85 kilometer long, Lahore Ring Road has been made operational. With the operations, Lahore has experienced connectivity at a whole new level. Areas which were once considered the suburbs of Lahore are now considered to be one of the most livable places of Lahore since they are connected via the signal free speedway. Seeing these developments, ZAITOON’s management realized the importance of being close to the ring road. To much delight of the management and the customers, ZAITOON New Lahore City is just 1 kilometer away from Lahore Ring Road SL-3 interchange. This fact alone makes New Lahore City one of the most promising upcoming housing society of the metropolis of Lahore.

Apart from the locational benefit the management of New Lahore City has left no stone unturned to provide quality and luxury lifestyle to its residents. One of the most noticeable features is the carpeted roads. The road network of the society planned in an excellent manner gives the residents access from five main roads which means whichever direction of travel they have to choose, it will be very convenient for them. State-of-the-art 150 feet wide main-boulevard has made this society an exemplary model in real estate business amongst other competitive housing schemes of Lahore. Roads have been designed so as to connect the various parts of New Lahore City; this creates a sense of community like no other residential society in Lahore does. Road infrastructure of ZAITOON equipped with following features:

  •  150 feet wide Main Boulevard
  • Traffic Controlling Signals
  • Directional Signs
  • Street lights and lamps 
  • Pedestrian ways
  • Footpaths 
  • Green belts
  • Road blockages (to control traffic flow)
  • 24/7 availability of private security
  • Private security Cars

Seeing society operations creates a sense of awe which is pleasant to see that a private sector developer is providing luxury lifestyle at affordable prices. Come and get a chance to live among best residential societies of Lahore.


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