Miyawaki Urban Forestation in New Lahore City

Forestation helps to stabilize the climate of any region. The trees planted in forestation help in reducing the greenhouse gas effect which helps to prevent global warming. Especially, forestation in a country like Pakistan can contribute up to a significant extent to make the environment neat and clean. Keeping the view of changing environment, the Government of Pakistan has taken a number of initiatives to mitigate the devastating impacts posed by climate change. Ten billion tree tsunami program is a classic example in this context.

To plan ten billion trees is a great initiative, but government alone can’t achieve this target. The contribution of all stakeholders is a must. Whenever government needs any support for the greater benefit of the public and Zaitoon customers, Zaitoon always takes the lead. Giving back to the community is the prime goal of Zaitoon. Zaitoon’s management has already donated 5000 plants to the Lahore Ring Road Authority under the green Pakistan initiative. Now, Zaitoon incorporates an initiative of an Urban Forest with 4500 trees within their Residential Housing Scheme to promote a safer future for the Earth. The allocated area for this project is five Kanal.

According to the Landscape expert of Zaitoon, local plants of different kinds will be planted in that area. These plants are already adjusted to this environment and hopefully will be flourished in less time. This technique, dense plantation, will definitely ensure the beauty and convenience of those who live in New Lahore City. Brigadier Ahad Muzaffar Shah, Administrator of Zaitoon – New Lahore City, opines that Zaitoon always put a great intention on the greenery of the society. He further added that almost 35 percent area of New Lahore City is already allocated for parks, open spaces, and tree plantations.

You should visit New Lahore City to see a healthy environment maintained by the management. Keep it up Zaitoon.


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