Monsoon makes everything beautiful

Pakistan is one of those blessed countries which experience all types of seasons and weathers. Because of the severe hear in the central regions of the country, everyone looks forward to the monsoon season. Monsoon season signals a welcome drop in temperature and a relief from dry heat

Every city in Pakistan is famous for one thing or the other. However, for Lahore, all arguments cease to matter before a simple saying, as it goes– ‘Lahore Lahore ae’ (Lahore is Lahore). With high rates of migrants from rural area Lahore has become a congested city. Residents of Lahore face plethora of problems like traffic congestion, air pollution, hot winds and moisture in summer. So monsoon/summer Season is one of the most awaited seasons as it brings relief from hot summer. It brings joy, happiness and some beautiful moments in Lahore like playing in rain, smell of wet soil, the watery sky, dancing in the rain.

During the monsoons, Lahoris like to load up on a lot of mangoes and jamuns. Someone can watch the city be washed clean by the heavens. The birds and the animals also take a sigh of relief when it rains in Lahore. Monsoon in Lahore really gives one of the best natural scenery. Ravi River and canal come on full swing and monsoon also decorates the lush green trees and beautiful flowers.

In the monsoon season, ZAITOON New Lahore City looks ever more beautiful. A ray of happiness and beauty passes through the town when monsoon season comes. Rainy season is something residents of New Lahore City cherish. It makes them realize the beauty of New Lahore City more deeply. The whole society takes an amazing turn with the arrival of monsoons.

Houses in New Lahore City comprise of artistic architecture with lush green backgrounds. So, drops of rain on leaves, flowers and trees make an indescribable scene. In New Lahore City children come out from their homes and start playing in the playgrounds of society when rain starts. They start jumping on the roads and start shouting with pleasure. Every resident becomes happy and enjoy the rain in different styles. Some residents like to eat Pakoras in rain, some like to have coffee or tea, and some feel pleasant by standing at their home doors and windows. 

So, New Lahore City is a unique place to enjoy season of monsoon. This has been made possible by excellent society master-plan since there is a modern drainage system so no water accumulates on the roads and also because of the lush green greenbelts and parks become lit. All these things together give a beautiful touch to New Lahore City.


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