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A Big Surprise Awaits You

Lahoris are full of life and they have their reasons for that. They love to hangout. One of the most favorite activities of Lahoris is eating out it seems they can never say no to it. Thanks to Zaitoon who has been entertaining Lahoris for a long time in one way or another considering the […]

14 August – A Day to Remember

It was 13th August 1947 when this announcement was made, “This is All India Radio Lahore. Please, wait for the next call.” Fifteen minutes later, at 12 am on August 14, 1947, Mustafa Ali Hamdani made another announcement, “This is Radio Pakistan, APKO PAKISTAN MUBARAK HO.” Celebrations began. Muslims succeeded in creating a separate and […]

Importance of Master Plan 2050 for Lahore

Do people shape cities, or do cities shape them? Precisely speaking, cities are shaped by people. Better the planning people do, the better the cities will be shaped. Before moving on, it is imperative to first understand how people shape cities. What perspectives should be given utmost importance to shape cities in the best way […]

Best Interior design ideas without going out of pocket

You are not always required to spend a lot of money to make your home classy. Even small adjustments can yield desirable outlooks. Among others, little changes in the interior can get the job done. Does your home decor look outdated and boring? Have you been wondering how much does it cost to hire an […]

Top Internet Providers in Pakistan

This is in an era of technological advancement and investment. Access to internet is more of a necessity rather a luxury now. Most people around the globe require access to high-speed internet service to perform routine activities round the clock. People use it for entertainment and business purposes. According to Global Digital Insights Data, there […]

Five Benefits to Switch to Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar power is traditionally thought to have many benefits such as, it is a clean source of energy, it is free of emissions, and is a renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, solar power systems doesn’t release harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions – like carbon dioxide etc. – into the air. Although […]

Here is all you Need to Know about ZAKAT

It is narrated in Holy Quran, “(O Prophet), take sadaqa (zakat) out of their property. It will clean their wealth and purify their soul (Quran, ix. 103). The word Zakat is mentioned thirty-two times in holy Quran. It is third pillar of Islam followed by Belief in Allah (1st pillar) and Prayer (2nd pillar). It […]

Zaitoon and RafiPeer FunFair

World has not been a particularly happy place lately, the pandemic has really taken its toll on economic, financial and mental health of individuals. COVID-19 has changed lifestyle, social interactions, thought process and activities. This season in Lahore was known to be full of outdoor family activities and fun filled vacations. However, things are different [...]

Zaitoon Summer Surprise – The Grand Lucky Draw

From the very moment that people heard “This is Radio Pakistan, we congratulate Pakistan to you all.” People all across the country were surprised and cheered with the feeling of independence in their hearts. 14th August marked as the historic day of Independence of Pakistan which has always been the most appreciated and celebrated day […]

The Price of Adding a Gym to your House

Health is real wealth. Good health is the first requisite of happiness. A man without health is like a river without water. Most people wish to stay fit and healthy but the problem is that they all don’t have time to head towards a gym daily and it is sometimes not tempting. The best solution […]

Zaitoon Bumper Lucky Draw 2020

Trust in the real estate industry especially land developers is gained through commitment, promise fulfilment, and timely delivery. Although there are more than a hundred developers in Lahore, the dark secret is that only a few developers deliver what they promise. Many times one finds discrepancies between the tall claims and on-ground delivery of private […]

Property Tax in Pakistan Year 2019

State tax is defined as a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions. Similarly, Property Tax is applied on Properties. It is a financial charge which is imposed upon a taxpayer by a governmental organization in […]

A Place of Living – Zaitoon New Lahore City

It is a simple fact of life that we all have certain basic human needs. Understanding these needs is important because they are necessary for human beings to survive. These needs are associated with biological drives and are therefore necessarily satisfied in order to stay alive. Right after the basic biological needs are met one […]

Ensuring Clean Water Supply New Lahore City

Water is a fundamental human need. Humans need around 6 to 8 liters of drinking water every-day (depending on various factors) to function properly. Apart from being a necessity, clean drinking water has major health and fitness benefits as well, such as, if you drink half a litre of water in one go, it increases […]

Prime Locality Residential Project

New Lahore City by Zaitoon is an ideally located residential society in Lahore. It is iconic in terms of accessibility since it provides its residents, direct access to five major roads of Lahore i.e. Lahore ring road (SL-3 Multan Road Interchange), Multan road, Canal road, Ferozepur road and Sunder Raiwind road. The stellar location of […]

Pre-Allocation of 100% customers since the beginning

The exceptional pace of development, an elevated standard of living, and timely delivery have been the hallmarks of ZAITOON New Lahore City so far. With buyer-friendly land options and payment plans and timely delivery, ZAITOON New Lahore City has been the buyer favourite for a very long time. Zaitoon has become the only housing society […]

Experience Excellence with the most Trusted Real Estate Brand Zaitoon

As far as real estate is concerned, Zaitoon is one of the leading land development companies of Pakistan. Its operations span to every aspect of real estate development, and over the years they have achieved excellence in all forms resulting in unbreakable customer trust on them. Their expertise include town planning, urban development, architecture & […]


Located on the Main Canal Bank Road near Bahria Town, Lahore and right next to Lahore Ring Road, New Lahore City is an easily accessible residential society. It is the only housing society in Lahore which has five main access roads. It offers all modern facilities and amenities like fool-proof security with state-of-the-art equipment and trained […]

MoU Signing between Zaitoon and University of Lahore

The MOU signing ceremony was conducted at the premises of New Lahore City for the establishment of Cornerstone School branch. The signing was carried out by Mian Ejaz Anwar,  Chairman Zaitoon and Mr Awais Raoof, Chairman University of Lahore. The ceremony was witnessed by Zaitoon management including Mian Ayaz Anwar, CEO Zaitoon, Brig ® Ahad […]

Zaitoon welcomes its anchor tenant JS Bank Branch at NLC

JS Bank announced the opening of its latest branch at New Lahore City site. The new branch will meet all the financial needs of the residents of New Lahore City through its immaculate services and a complete suite of products. This will also play a significant and positive role in bringing convenience to the customers […]

All Pakistan Garrison Golf Tournament

Zaitoon were the proud title sponsors of All Pakistan Garrison Golf Tournament held at Garrison Golf & Country Club from 26th to 29th January 2017. The President of the Cub disclosed that this was the biggest golf tournament in the history of the Club with over 400 participants. The Patron-in-chief and 4 CORPS Commander Lahore […]

New Lahore City Organized DHA Grand Tambola Night 2016

Zaitoon- New Lahore City sponsored the annual Grand Tambola Night at DHA Sector R Lahore held on 19thNovember 2016. The event was attended by influential elite of the society and thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. The secretary of the DHA Club thanked Zaitoon for making the event more interesting and exciting by giving bumper prizes. […]

Weekly Open Houses for Early Possession

Zaitoon organizes weekly open houses at New Lahore City site office in Lahore, where those members of New Lahore City who have cleared all their dues and desire the construction of their houses are invited. Sales & customer care department conducts this event. The members are given a complete insight of their property status at […]

New Lahore City Drag Race and Auto Show on April, 2017

Zaitoon organized New Lahore City Drag Race & Auto Show 2017 at its flagship project site in Lahore. Motorsports enthusiasts from around the country participated in the event to enjoy the thrill and fury despite hard weather conditions. 100 cars & 80 motorbikes participated in the drag race and over 100 cars were present to […]

Taraweeh at Jamia Masjid Zaitoon, NLC & Taqreeb-e-Takmeel-e-Quran

Alhamdulillah, Jamia Masjid Zaitoon, New Lahore City hosted its first ever Namaz-e-Taraweeh this Ramadan whereby Holy Quran was completed in the Taraweeh prayers on the eve of 25th Ramadan ul Mubarak. Daily proceedings of Taraweeh prayers were well attended by the members of the community, surrounded areas, staff members, guests and passer-byes. Jamia Masjid Zaitoon […]

ZAITOON – Zameen.com Expo 2016

Zaitoon were the title sponsors of the zameen.com Expo 2016 held on 10th & 11th December in Expo Centre, Lahore. There were over 110 exhibitors with more than 60,000 visitors. Zaitoon captivated the event with its uniqueness in presentation and involved the crowd with lucky draws and fun filled competitions. All the visitors at the Zaitoon […]