Our Employees – Our Greatest Assets

Organizations need employees to run the show. Employee performance is basic to the success of any unit. Business pioneers need to comprehend the key advantages of employee’s performance so they can create reliable target techniques for assessing worker performance.

Basically, objectifying performance is the key for any thriving business if they want to improve efficiency. For Zaitoon ‘Their strength lies in their content employee base, their vision is to care for them, and in turn the organizations will grow and have a positive outlook,’ these statements set Zaitoon’s attitude towards their employees.

Million dollar lands, advanced technology and the expensive machinery all are fruitless, without passionate handlers and energetic people wanting to make full use of the resources. For any organization, hard-working human resources are primary derivatives for all other resources towards intended realization. We strive to choose the best and then carve them in to gems, the ultimate aim is to improve service delivery to our customers.

Career at New Lahore City:
• Most diverse, innovative and competitive team keeps every employee fuelled by winning spirit
• We provide variety in duties, roles, and functions for complete satisfaction of various people to choose         what they want to do
• Create a Positive work environment
• Diversity at workplace keeps it interesting, warm and promotes productive learning
• Measure Employee Growth, by evaluating their performance on consistent basis
• Stellar opportunities in advancement are based on commitment, performance and attitude
• Establish team trends and incentivize as per needs
• Periodic development programs and trainings to ensure performance standards
• All employees work in a safe and secure environment
Diversity at Workplace:
• Zaitoon’s team is extremely diverse and offers immense on the job and off the job learning and team            building opportunities
• Zaitoon is an equal opportunity employer
• Diversity in work environment promotes creativity, productivity and respect
Zaitoon – New Lahore City endeavors to revamp trends in housing sector of Pakistan, while to provide        complete secure and safe environment for employees. Undoubtedly, New Lahore City is truly a sign of           Zaitoon’s competence, credibility and quality.


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