Pakistan Kisan Cards; A step to Facilitate Farmers

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan. This chain starts from the farmers hence they have immense importance in economic performance and food security of Pakistan. According to Agriculture Census 2020, small-scale farmers constitute 60 percent of Pakistan’s rural population and the agriculture sector contributes up to 20 percent to the GDP of Pakistan. These statistics speak volumes about the significance of farmers; as this immense population cannot be sidelined at any cost. Rightly recognizing this fact, incumbent government has left no stone unturned to support agriculture sector in all possible manners. A lot of programs including E-Kisan, Kamyaab Kisan, Khushaal Kisan, etc. have been introduced which also received great acknowledgment all over Pakistan. This time, Government of Pakistan comes up with another appreciable step. What is new this time? Kisan cards are going to be distributed among farmers which will primarily uplift the socio-economic wellbeing of Pakistani farmers. These Kisan Cards are a new addition to any government’s policies on agriculture. Let’s explore these in greater detail.

Kisan cards will be distributed to the farmers in Pakistan to provide them with help, especially in times of calamity. On the basis of the cards, the farmers will be aided by the government. Through these cards, the farmers can purchase seeds, fertilizers and pesticides from registered dealers on rates lower than the market rates. These cards will help the government to give direct subsidy to the small-scale farmers. With cards and registered farmers can also apply for crop insurance. Thereby, multifold benefits will be received by farmers of Pakistan.

Talking about the registration and other technicalities of these cards; they’ve been issued by the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB). Going digital, PITB has provided all district administrations access to an online portal where they can add details of the farmers, working under their jurisdiction. Information pertaining to demographics, contact details, crops and landholding patterns, livestock, irrigation system and mechanization have been entered for registered farmers. This database will then be used by the government for appropriate allocation of schemes to the farmers, and also providing them with useful information.

PITB has directed registered farmers to make their thumb verification at nearby HBL Connect shop and had their accounts opened. After receiving a message, farmers are supposed to visit the department of agriculture where the Assistant Director/Deputy Director Agriculture will provide you your card. Knowing the literacy level and technical understanding of digital sector, PM Khan has also instructed that a trained professional per Union Council will be responsible for visiting farmers in remote areas and training them as per modern methods.  Non-registered farmers have to contact the local branch of the department of agriculture.

Hopefully this initiative will be a great assistance to uplift large and equally important strata of Pakistan: Farmers. For more information, you can contact 0800-17000.­


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