Picturesque 150 feet Wide Main Boulevard

A boulevard is defined as a wide street in a town or a city, inland development terms in
Pakistan, the main boulevards of housing societies is the main road entering the society. The
width of the main boulevard is dictated by regulating agencies according to the size of the
housing project. It is typically divided by a central median (often greenbelt). On one side of the
main boulevard, typically there are service lanes after which more often than not, commercial
areas start. Often, along the side of the Main Boulevard, there are parking lanes and pedestrians
walkways. Main Boulevard of any society plays a significant role in making the first impact on
the visitor since the Main Boulevard and the gate are the two main things that meet the eye of the visitor. Making New Lahore City a Picturesque Location.

Before the regulating agency regulations came to the forefront, housing societies always
thought of road network as waste of precious land not realizing that the better the road
network the better the accessibility for the residents. Hence, there are few societies in Lahore
that provide wide Main Boulevards. Like in everything else, that benefits the consumer, in this
matter also, management of ZAITOON New Lahore City led the way. They provided over 55% of
the total land for lifestyle features. In doing so they provided a 150 feet wide Main Boulevard
extending through the length of the housing society. It is consumer centric features like these
that put New Lahore City at the top spot in the list of promising upcoming housing societies of

New Lahore City Main Boulevard is a 150 feet wide 4 lane one-way carpeted road with
a lush green greenbelt in between. The greenbelt has palm trees which give it an awe inspiring
look. State of the art monuments have been placed on every roundabout of New Lahore City.
Columns are placed in the middle of Main Boulevard which are depicting beautification of art
work. These columns run in median and the artistic architectural designs on the side walls of the
main boulevard play a vital role in making it the most picturesque main boulevard amongst the
potential housing societies of Lahore.

Main Boulevard of New Lahore City is also illuminated by street lights and lamps throughout,
making it a site that one loves to watch when the evening falls. This well paved, smooth road
begins from the main gate and expenses throughout the society making commute hassle free
for residents, shop owners as well as visitors. At the start of the Main Boulevard, there is a
beautiful gatehouse which is guarded by trained security personnel, state of the art security
equipment and cameras. All entries and exits in and out of the society are checked and
recorded. This makes it one of the safest and most Picturesque new housing societies of Lahore.

For all those who come to settle in Lahore from different areas of Pakistan must pay a visit to
New Lahore City before making the decision as to which part of the city they want to settle in.
Not only the Main Boulevard, but the whole society is well-planned hence providing advanced,
carefully constructed amenities to its inhabitants.


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