Potential to Generate Energy from Renewable Resources in Pakistan

As of now, the people of Pakistan mostly rely on fossil fuels as a primary source to generate electricity. As such, consumers are faced with bills that are sometimes just too high since electricity, even though it is a necessity, comes at a luxurious price. However, what if you will be informed about renewable energy sources that are completely free? Well, the idea might sound a little too unreal, but it has already become a lifestyle in major cities. However, it may take up to several years to become a norm in Pakistan.
Before moving on, it is pertinent to raise some important questions former, to make good understanding of this blog later. Does Pakistan have resources to produce renewable energy? Are these resources enough to generate renewable energy in order to meet the current need and also to fill the energy gap which is about 5 GW? Has Pakistan equipped with needful expertise and machinery to harness available renewable resources? According to a recent report published by the US government, Pakistan is naturally blessed when it comes to resources needed for the production of sustainable energy. Yet, the country’s overall electricity production capacity is a mix of nearly 64% fossil fuels, 27% hydropower, and 9% other renewable products.
What is your opinion by the way? Do you think that Pakistan is making a good shift to produce renewable by utilizing available resources? If your answer is yes, you are right. Please have a look at the list of ongoing renewable energy projects in Pakistan.

Renewable Energy Projects in Pakistan nearing Completion
As per the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) of Pakistan, there are significant renewable energy projects underway that will help the country produce cheaper alternatives for electricity and boost overall energy production in comparatively less expensive ways. The list of ongoing sustainable energy projects include solar Energy Projects in Pakistan and Wind Energy Projects in Pakistan. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the current work status, project location, and the progress made in each category.

Solar Energy Projects in Pakistan
It is no secret that Pakistan is blessed geographically. Experts have identified that the country lies in an area that boasts one of the highest solar insolation in the world, which means that it is at an ideal location to produce electricity via solar means.  According to AEDB, “Solar Energy can play a vital role in Pakistan to overcome the energy shortages”. Nevertheless, solar energy has been slow to develop and currently contributes a tiny share in the overall energy resources.  Thankfully, the government is paying attention to the much-needed cause, and it is aiming to produce around 30% of its energy requirement from renewable resources, primarily solar energy. Here’re some major solar energy projects currently being developed and planned in different parts of Pakistan:


Location Capacity in MW Number of Projects Status
Nooriababad, Sindh 50 3 Awaiting license assessment
Dadu, Sindh 20 2 Awaiting license assessment
Sultanabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab 12 1 Awaiting license assessment
Mehmood Kot, District Muzaffargarh, Punjab 12 1 Awaiting license assessment
Noorsar, Bahawalnagar, Punjab 50 1 Under-development
Gharo, Thatta, Sindh 50 2 Under-development
Noorsar, Bahawalnagar, Punjab 30 1 Under-development


Wind Energy Projects in Pakistan
Considered one of the most significant resources of sustainable energy, wind energy currently contributes not more than 4% to Pakistan’s overall electricity requirement. However, some statistics suggest that the country has the potential to produce up to 340 GW of electricity from wind alone, if utilized efficiently and planned strategically.

Is wind energy worthy of financing? Well, it is a big YES! Wind energy is produced via wind turbines that can be fixed on farms or open spaces where the flow and speed of wind are not interrupted by high-rises. The turbines only occupy a small fraction of land, which means that they don’t disrupt land usage. I|t goes without saying that there’s no market demand or supply for wind since it is completely free. Hence, wind energy can be used by anyone, once they have access to wind turbines. Now that you have a clearer understanding of why switching to wind energy can be a really good thing to happen to the country, let’s blow your mind with a list of some wind energy projects in Pakistan.

Location Capacity in MW Number of Projects Status
Gharo, Sindh 50 1 Under-construction
Gujju, Thatta, Sindh 14 1 Awaiting license assessment
Jhimpir, Sindh 50 2 Awaiting license assessment
Jhimpir, Sindh 51 1 Awaiting license assessment

Aforementioned projects are making it crystal clear that Pakistan has a great potential to generate energy from renewable resources. There is a great hope that energy gap of Pakistan – which is currently reaching at apex level – will be filled very soon. Hopefully, efforts of incumbent government will bring fruitful results in the long run.


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