The exceptional pace of development, an elevated standard of living, and timely delivery have been the hallmarks of ZAITOON New Lahore City so far. With buyer-friendly land options and payment plans and timely delivery, ZAITOON New Lahore City has been the buyer favourite for a very long time. Zaitoon has become the only housing society in Pakistan to have done pre-allocation of all their customers since the beginning.

With phase I and II completely delivered and over 250 households already constructed in them, New Lahore City has shown that they are the number one private society for a reason. For turning customer’s dreams into reality, plot numbers have been issued to all the file holders who were waiting for balloting of their files booked years ago. ZAITOON New Lahore City ended their waiting period by awarding plot numbers on June 24, 2019.

Many anti-developmental elements tried to make the rumour mill go by saying all kinds of things. True to their promise of delivering what they promise, ZAITOON conducted the balloting four days prior to the time they committed to their customers. pre-allocation of all their customers since the beginning helps Zaitoon to become the best real-estate organization.

Investor’s angle:

As the norm is in the real estate market, the market value of these balloted plots will be on the rise from now on. The trade of these plots will pick up the pace and one can confidently expect that buying/selling of these plots will be on its peak soon. This is yet again a good sign for the people who placed their trust in ZAITOON many years back. The management of New Lahore City has yet again stood by their promise and have made the investors and homebuyers gain in the longer run. This shows how one gets rewarded if they remain true to the purpose and compliant in their actions. All customers, since the beginning, have been balloted and allotted plot numbers. This is no small achievement in the life cycle of a private housing society. By delivering this promise, ZAITOON has become the only housing society in Pakistan to have done pre-allocation of all their customers since the beginning. This will help customers put their trust in ZAITOON again. In the current scenario of uncertainty across all businesses in the country, ZAITOON is the only one who has stood by its promise and delivered before time.

Balloting; a jewel in the crown of New Lahore City

The time for which all customers were waiting for has finally come. Not only balloting has taken place but as per plans, development work is also about to start for these plots. This will be something that will bring a huge market upturn in the near future favoring all customers of ZAITOON.

If you want to live in an environment which is absolutely secure and peaceful or if you want to invest a few bucks, then New Lahore City is the place to be. Grab this opportunity, invest in New Lahore City and bring your dreams to reality.