Property Insurance options in Pakistan

Property insurance covers the cost of damage repair to a structure. Although policies vary by region and from company to company however, property insurance usually covers loss/damage caused by: fire, explosion, storms, floods, or earthquakes etc. It may also cover loss of income or increase in expenses that results from the property damage.

Benefits of property insurance

For living place: A home is where the heart is. You buy it after making a huge saving, by your hard earned money. Sadly, happening of any disaster is uncertain. Despite all the precautions you may take, your home still remains vulnerable to robbery, natural disasters, fire and many other risks. Therefore, property insurance will help you to save your home, even after any unfortunate (unforeseen) disaster.

For business Place: It is great to be a businessman. The fact is that, in business, if things don’t go well, you may face great financial loss. This will further lead you to a great stress. Damage to your commercial property can threaten the whole business. At that moment, again, property insurance will help you to somewhat cover the loss.

Property Insurance in Pakistan

There are several Insurance companies in Pakistan. The market is filled with agents offering you the insurance plans of their respective organizations. The big question is, How do you decide which one to go for then? Before you go for any insurance company or their specific policy, it is of utmost importance that you thoroughly check the record of that insurance company. Doing some research is important and definitely will benefit you in the long run. It is recommended that, don’t just be satisfied with what the insurance company representative has to say to you but make the effort and do your research. Ask repetitively till you exactly understand what you are getting. Consult family and friends if necessary. Go through the literature, note down points that you do not understand, look for ambiguous sentences in the literature, if any, mark them and get clarity on them. You must ask all the questions because insurance policies are puzzling and very complicated for an ordinary person to understand. Here is the list to make it easier for you to decide top Insurance companies in Pakistan.


EFU (EFU General Insurance limited):


EFU insurance has been in existence even before Pakistan came into being. It is one of the most trustworthy companies of the country having a track record of over 85 years. They have a reasonable goodwill in the market and a huge satisfied customer base. It stands out to be one of the largest insurance company in Pakistan, it offers customized policies according to the client’s requirement. Following insurances are offered by EFU. 

  • Personal Accident
  • Travel Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Plate Glass Insurance
  • Computer Crime Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance


United Insurance company (UIC):


United Insurance Company started in 1959. The company saw a few highs and lows until it got stability. Now, it has well recognized name in the list of top insurance companies. It has over 100 branches across the country. It deals with corporate sector, business sector, travel insurance, logistics, Crops & Livestock Insurance. The company makes a promise to cover following things.

  • Fire Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance
  • Travel Insurance


Adamjee insurance company: 


It started in the 1960s. Initially, it had expanded Insurance services in the Middle East (UAE). It has clients from banks, industries, and business market. It is a reliable and insurance provider and has operated with a considerable amount of stability over the years. Following insurances are provided by this company.

  • Engineering Insurance
  • Fire & Property Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Agriculture Insurance
  • Financial lines Insurance
  • Liability lines Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Jubilee Insurance Company:

It is the modern version of traditional insurance companies. Its main office is located in Karachi. Its network (branches) are spread across Pakistan. The company offers dynamic insurance policies to meet client requirements and accords a decent treatment to clients when they claim insurance as per theor plan. It offers following types of insurances:

  • Micro Insurance
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Online Insurance
  • Family Takaful (It is an arrangement which rests on key Shariah principles of mutual cooperation, solidarity and wellbeing of a community)



Habib insurance company ltd:


This company was established in 1942. They have been operational in the market for decades. Their clients reviewed that, they maintain a close relationship with the clients and are cordial in their dealing. Moreover, they are also known to provide cost effective solutions. The company offers following types of insurances:

  • Property insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Engineering insurance
  • Travel insurance

Above are the options to get your property insured against any unpleasant happening and mitigate risk. The purpose of the article is strictly informative, the writer and publisher, by no means advocate any company or any insurance plan. 


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