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Lahore is Pakistan’s second-most populous city after Karachi. It’s been known as the city of gardens and a city of opportunities for more rural to urban migrants. It has a culture of accommodating anyone and everyone who enters the fold. It is this welcoming nature that has, over the years, promoted high numbers of rural to urban migration towards Lahore. People come to Lahore in search of improved lifestyle and a better living standard by cashing in on the opportunities that this city has to offer. This inward flow of people has recently put a lot of pressure on the city’s deliverables and has also caused the city frontiers to expand beyond thought of lands.

In the last 14 years, the city has expanded to almost double its size. In 2013, Lahore’s population was just under 6.5 million, but according to the census of 2017; it reached up to 11.13 million with a growth rate of 2% per annum. Population growth directly leads to a growth in demand for housing. Today, Lahore faces a housing shortage of well over 0.1 million housing units a year. 

As the simple rule of economic science goes, the bigger the gap in demand and supply higher prices (in case demand is more than the supply). Excess demand or shortage in supply results in buyers bidding for higher values resulting in a price hike. This is exactly what happened to Lahore over the course of the last two decades, rising demand raised property prices.

With this backdrop, having one’s own piece of land in Lahore is a dream not most can realize. Culturally speaking as well, one’s own house is considered to be a matter of future security. In order to achieve this security, people put their lifetimes worth hard earned money to buy a single plot in Lahore.

This search for future security has been the cause of a lot of consumer exploitation over the last two decades or so. A lot of housing unit providers (developers and builders) have played a poor role in the market and exploited a lot of consumers resulting in a lot of fraud and deceit. With the passage of time, consumers now have become more aware and a lot more careful before making any investment in the property market. Consumers are promised something else and are not delivered in time resulting in loss of trust in the market. Government functionaries have also now come to the rescue of the consumers and have regulated housing societies. Still, many think it is too little too late from the government’s side.

In this scenario, ZAITOON New Lahore City, offers a breath of fresh air. They are one developer who have not only delivered what they promised but they have exceeded customer expectations by delivering their promises before time. They have also recently led the way again by becoming the only housing society in the history of Pakistan to do 100% pre-allocation for all of developer’s customers since the beginning. They started challenging stereotypes of deceit, fraud and over-selling in the property market and successfully proved the trends wrong.

One needs to go see the awe inspiring atmosphere they have created in such a short time in New Lahore City in record time. The luxury housing project is located on main canal bank road, next to Bahria town Lahore and is only 1 kilometer away from Lahore Ring Road SL-3 interchange. The management of ZAITOON has been providing every civic amenity to every corner of the society without any discrimination. So, if you are a ZAITOON family member i.e. you are a customer of New Lahore City and you are residing within the boundary walls of the gated community then all civic amenities will be provided to you as promised. This is directly opposite to what other housing societies do to their consumers i.e. once you make the payment then they start discriminating and start taking away the amenities by saying a lot of things like, one sector has certain features and the other features are only available in certain sectors et. New Lahore City on the other hand treats their customers alike and provides all promised amenities to every corner of the society for the convenience of their customers. Let us quickly skim through the amenities that they have delivered to the customers;

  • Excellent carpeted road networks
  • Underground utilities
  • Foolproof security
  • Project boundary wall
  • Jamia masjid
  • International standard school- Cornerstone School (a project of the University of the Lahore)
  • International standard hospital
  • Well planned commercial areas
  • Well-developed parks and kids play areas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Modern disposal & sewerage system
  • ZAITOON clubhouse


Let’s discuss few other examples to make it more clarify for you. In Defense Housing Authority (DHA), there are thirteen phases. All phases are located far away from each other. Not even the state sponsored developer is able to provide uniformity of features across all phases neither the location of all of them is equally up-to the mark. In spite of this fact, people still prefer to live in DHA because of clean atmosphere, healthy living environment, wider streets, extensive parks and markets etc. Bahria Town is another well-known and a renowned housing scheme where people prefer to live. Phases of Bahria town are located far away from one another. Like; if you have a look on the locality (location map) of Bahria town you will see that; Shaheen Block is located adjacent to Canal road at the front of Bahria town, which is far away from Ghaznavi block (adjacent to Sui gas housing society phase 2). In this case again people prefer living standard over everything else. So, keeping this in mind ZAITOON made sure that all amenities are provided to all residents of the society. The location already is excellent since Lahore Ring Road is the new time efficient travel mode in the city and ZAITOON New Lahore City is located just 1 kilometer from Lahore Ring Road.

So, anyone looking to live at a place that offers state-of-the-art amenities and a modern lifestyle on affordable prices at one of the best locations, ZAITOON New Lahore City is the place to be. This is what has made ZAITOON New Lahore City one of the most promising upcoming housing society of Lahore. 


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