Roof Top Gardening – A step towards Sustainable Development

As the pressing issue of climate change intensifies with every passing day, the construction industry is looking for ways to use materials and designs that are more environment-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable. Green roofing is one such technique that is used to get more in less and offers more than just a few advantages. With numerous benefits, green roofing has proven to be an excellent roofing material that could cost you a little extra but provide you extreme value for money. Mentioned below are some of the most common benefits of a green roof.

Increase Life of a Roof
The roof of any building or a house is directly exposed to sunlight. This direct interaction with sun affects the roof over the years, which can result in huge maintenance costs. On the other hand, a green roof gives the advantage to the roof by increasing its life. The roof is protected by different layers of proofing materials so that it is not affected by the roots of vegetation and flora. The greenery absorbs the sunlight, preventing it from reaching the surface of the roof, which, as a result, lasts longer than its average life.

Better Aesthetics
Besides increasing life of a roof, greenery also looks beautiful. Those who can afford to have big houses have gardens outside the covered area while those who don’t have enough space have inside planters. Roof gardening and green roofs are other ways to improve the aesthetic look of a building and are always appreciated and admired by outsiders.

Energy Efficient
Over the past decade, climate change has worsened. The temperatures in summers get unbearably high and in winters it drops more than it used to until a few decades ago. As a result of these changes, people have to invest in heating and cooling devices to maintain an optimum temperature inside their houses which have high one-time costs. On the other hand, roof top gardening is a nature-friendly technique that encourages more greenery and helps households in reducing periodic energy bills.

Noise Cancellation
One of the irritating problems to live in a city is noise pollution. The cities have been more commercialized. One can always find traffic on roads even during late hours of the night. Traffic and noise pollution are the reasons why suburbs are becoming more common. Thankfully, one of the benefits of green roofing is that plants have this amazing ability to mitigate noise. This combined with extra layering gives complete noise insulation to the house and you can expect a peaceful atmosphere in the house provided the doors and windows are also closed.

Economic Benefits
Yes, there is a one-time cost because you need material and plants to prepare a green roof but that is all. In the long run, it will only require regular maintenance for your own satisfaction to see if there is any leakage or if something needs an up-gradation. Once you have installed green roofing in your house, all that you will see is its advantages. The energy bills will be reduced as compared to other houses with other roofing materials. The air quality around your house will be better. The rainwater that usually goes down the drain will be absorbed by your green roof and it is also one of the ways of stormwater management. So, economic benefits of roof top gardening are always more than one time investment.

The sum and substance of above discussion is that, roof top gardening has an array of benefits. Every one should go for it if possible.


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