Self-Sustained Housing Society; Zaitoon – New Lahore City

When Pakistan emerged on the world map in 1947, it was accommodating approximately 31 million people with 94% in rural and 6% in urban areas. Today, Pakistan is the world’s sixth most populous country with more than 180 million people. A chunk of more than 36% are inhabiting in urban areas. Seeing rapid demand for homes in urban areas and to fulfill the gab, New Lahore City has been launched by Zaitoon group in 2011. New Lahore City has emerged as a Self-Sustained housing society in the major city of Punjab.

Zaitoon – New Lahore City pledges to deliver all major civic amenities in a nutshell which one can demand for a high end residential experience. It brings back peaceful living environment in self-sustained way having every fundamental facility while locating at outer edge of a congested metropolitan city.

New Lahore City has its own International Standard School (Cornerstone school), Beautiful Jamya Mosque, efficient security system, hotel, community center, underground utilities, modern disposal & sewerage system. Presence of all these amenities are truly depicting self-sustainability of New Lahore City, while ensuring luxury life style for its residents.

In addition to this, New Lahore City is located on main Canal Bank Road and right next to the Lahore Ring Road. So, it is an easily accessible residential society. Infect it is the only housing society in the city, which comes equipped with five main access roads.

One can confidently say that Lahore is one of the vibrant and congested city of Punjab, Pakistan and Zaitoon-New Lahore City attracted people from Lahore and also from outside of Lahore because of its rich artistic architecture designs, beautiful gardens while maintaining health, beauty and convenience of residents.

For making New Lahore City lush green, more than fifty-five percentage of total area has been notified for the provision of luxury-lifestyle facilities. Security wall is beautifully laid out, and one can fully cherish facilities of town without relying on Lahore in complete and secure environment, that’s why its name is “NEW LAHORE CITY” means an entire new city having similar lifestyle to Lahore without relying on it.  What else can be expected? If someone gets opportunity to enjoy all luxuries in a nutshell.

All these features of New Lahore City are depicting that Zaitoon group is fulfilling its promise to provide secure, comfortable and complete lifestyle to its residents while maintaining vision of health, beauty and convenience under one roof.


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