Six Essential Items that you must ensure in Guest Room

As a rule, the guest bedroom is different from the rest of your bedrooms and its decor and availability of items should make it look more welcoming. Remember: The two main ingredients of the perfect guest bedroom are comfort and convenience. Having a designated guest bedroom in the house helps not only guests but for homeowners as well. In order to ensure your guest doesn’t have to face any inconvenience in terms of day-to-day tasks, you need to include certain items in the room while designing it. To ensure both of these things, there are some guest bedroom essentials that should be on your checklist.

Number One: Comfortable Bed Set

It goes without saying that a comfortable bed is the most important part in the guest bedroom. The bed does not have to be luxurious or expensive, rather it just needs to be comfortable for the users. Make sure that the springs of the mattress are not broken due to excessive use. Everyone carries small things in their pockets like car keys, wallets, handkerchiefs, etc. which they need to store in a safe place before going to bed. Everyone has a designated spot in their rooms where they keep these valuable items and usually that spot is our bedside table(s). It may seem like an unnecessary detail but it is, in fact, a necessity in a guest room.

Number Two: Side Table Lamps

Some people like to read a book before going to bed. In that case, a lamp becomes a necessity. Other than having a utility in a bedroom, side table lamps also improve overall look of a room.  So adding bedside lamps adds to the comfort of your guests while giving classy touch to the room.

Number Three: Fresh Blankets

Hospitality means foreseeing every need of your guest and being available if they require anything else. Although you will provide a comforter or a blanket for the night, giving an extra is always better in case they are not comfortable in asking for a spare. A neat and clean, ideally new, bed sheet always makes a good impact on the guest and the same is true for fresh towels. If you want to be more hospitable, you can get those towel sets having different sizes of towels for different uses. This leaves a good impression on the guest that he has been very well taken care of and feels like being at their own home.

Number Four: Luggage Space, Hangers, Closet

Having luggage space is not very common unless you stay at a hotel. If your guest room layout has space, make sure you include a cupboard or a closet to provide space to store luggage. If you’re short on space, the space under the bed can be useful. In case your guests are staying for more than one day, they’ll need room to store their clothes. Again, a closet, therefore, is essential in a guest bedroom. If that isn’t possible, you can also install hooks in the bathroom where guests can hang their clothes without making the room messy.

Number Five: Wall Clock

A clock in a guest room not only decorates the wall perfectly, but it is also a utility if you are thoughtful about your guests. Even though we don’t feel the need to see a wall clock anymore, thanks to smartphones, having it in the room makes your guest less dependent on their phones, which can easily lose charging. You can even put an alarm clock on the side table.

Number Six: Mirror

Installing a fancy mirror not only enhances the look of a guest room but also helps guests get ready. If you’re short on space and can’t place a portable full-length mirror then you can install a medium-sized mirror in the bathroom or just fix one on any of the doors in the room or on a wall or a cupboard.

One should always be careful with checking the essentials and supplies of the guest room while preparing it for the next guest. Hopefully, this write-up will help you to make sure the availability of everything in the guest room, so you may not face any embarrassment on time when guest will visit to you.


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