Super Mart – another success of Zaitoon

In the contemporary time frame, getting everything under one roof has become a mirage. One has to compromise something for obtaining another thing. Still there is someone who thinks differently, positively, and exceptionally; the name is Zaitoon. Zaitoon’s management firmly believes that – whatever the time is or circumstances are – there is always a possibility to provide multiple services in one location. The live example of this notion is the top-notch and self-sustained housing project of Zaitoon known as New Lahore City.

Management of Zaitoon pledges to make the lives of New Lahore City residents as pleasant and convenient as possible by providing every comfort right to their doorstep. After achieving multifold milestones, this time Zaitoon is ready to add another jewel in its crown. What is special this time? Zaitoon is going to inaugurate a commercial walkway named Super Mart. This mart will be a one-window solution to all your problems. The mart will provide an array of services to facilitate beloved residents in all possible ways. Following eight services will be hallmarks of supermart:

  • Grocery Store named by Green Grocer (All usable items will be available)
  • Medical Store
  • Dry Cleaner Shop
  • JS Bank (already exited, but services will be extended)
  • Milk Shop
  • Tandoor
  • Fast Food Spot
  • Saloon named Scissors

From these key services, it becomes evidently clear that super mart will play a significant role in bringing convenience to the residents to fulfill all of their daily needs. It will be operational most hours of the day and will provide home delivery of available products to all residents across New Lahore City, thereby it will truly make the lives of New Lahore City residents much easier. Well done Zaitoon for your efforts to facilitate the residents in every possible way.


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