Thank you Green Shirts for Giving more reasons to Smile

Winning and losing are part and parcel of the game. The thing which matters the most is how one plays and what lessons one learns. Fortunately, in this ICC T-20 world cup, Pakistan’s cricket team did the both. Green shirts made number of records for which every Pakistani is proud of. The men in Green beat India by ten wickets for the first time ever in World Cup history. Babar Azam became the number one T20 batsman. Mohammad Rizwan remained the highest scorer of this year. In short, the Green Shirts put up a flawless performance.

Like other Pakistanis, Zaitoon loves for Pakistan cricket team can never be melted down. Where Zaitoon was bit sad for not bringing the T-20 trophy home, it was equally happy to see the exceptional performance of green shirts. For Zaitoon, Pakistan cricket team didn’t lose, but this gold-coated piece of metal lost its charm which it wouldn’t have, had it been in Babar Azam’s hands. Zaitoon is thankful to Pakistan team for producing a different match winner in every game – a textbook definition of team-play. Zaitoon pays tribute to Pakistan team for displaying one of the best examples of power-hitting and producing probably the best opening pair. Zaitoon appreciates Pakistan team for convincing Australia to play cricket with you at home and telling the world that you cannot be neglected. Zaitoon is grateful to all players for showing courage, humility, and sportsmanship of the highest order.

You have won, team! Zaitoon believes in you. Zaitoon believes in your ability to bounce back and giving Pakistanis more reasons to smile and walk with their heads high. Well done boys – better luck for the next time!


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