Thank you Lahore for an amazing evening

Times have not been easy sin the advent of COVID-19. Those who kept supporting even through these tough times are real heroes; fortunately, Zaitoon is among them.

How has Zaitoon contributed this time? What special did Zaitoon get done? Zaitoon believes that every cloud has a silver lining. The beauty of difficult time is that it passes. Knowing the situation, pulling out people from worries, spreading rays of hope, and giving a kick start to New Year, Zaitoon organized a very special event named Zaitoon New Year Carnival. The event was equipped with plethora of food stalls, lucky draws, live musical performances, and many other fun-filled activities. The success of this event can rightly be calculated by counting number of incomers who were actually uncountable as the audience came in the form of ocean. 150 feet wide Main Boulevard of New Lahore City was the main arena from Pearl Roundabout till Zaitoon Corporate Office measuring more than 1.5 kilometers in length. The arena was fully packed with the dancing crowd.

As live musical performances started, people’s celebrations began. For a moment, all worries faded away. Everyone in the audience started dancing, chanting, and enjoying. Ali Azmat’s musical performances to ears acted like a soul to life. Fun did not end here. NS Chauhan took the event to next level. His amazing performance even compelled those to dance who never danced before in their lives. Besides musical performances, hosts of the event i.e. Natasha Hussain and Ahsan Khan were also not coming slow. They kept audience activated. Those who attended the event literally escaped the monotonous life for a moment and replenished their lost energy. To put it in simple words, the event was outstanding, amazing, and deserved full by full rating.

Zaitoon would like to take this opportunity to send out its most deep felt gratitude audience support who was instrumental in making the event happen. Without your support, Zaitoon would have never seen its hopes and dreams come to life on stage and be such a success. The generosity shown by Pakistanis goes far beyond than expectations. Thank you Lahore, for being present and filling the seats in ensuring a full house.

A big salute to Zaitoon’s management for bringing back lost smiles.


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