How to earn money in real estate? Buy a piece of land today and sell it later when the value has appreciated and make a profit? Although making money in real estate sector seems very easy, yet it is not as simple as it sounds. Often one hears plot buyers complaining about a lot of things regarding possession delays, quality of development by the land developer, location, approvals from government authorities, hidden charges etc.

Aforementioned uncertainties are making it crystal clear that real estate market is highly risky. A thumb rule to play safe in this sector is to consider these three aspects: overview previous achievements, check future plans (project completion time), and make sure that developer is committed to deliver. When it comes Zaitoon, mentioned aspects have been well covered. For instance, 100 percent compliant customers have been allocated plots since the beginning of the company. Management has long list of future projects which will definitely up the market prices of property in Zaitoon City. As far as commitment to deliver is concerned, Zaitoon has a long successful track record in the real estate market.

Keeping true to their promises, on March 20, 2022, Zaitoon did its First Ballot of Zaitoon City. The event took place at Zaitoon City’s site and was attended by higher management of Zaitoon, sales partners, local real estate consultants, customers, investors etc. The event timings were 10 am to 6 pm and the ballot was conducted at 2:30 p.m. all attendees expressed satisfaction at the transparent balloting process. The event was extensively covered by local, national and social media influencers. Hope so, ZAITOON will keep serving at the same pace in the future as well.